Fuzzy Washington Math

     This weekend’s rerun originally aired 12-6-11. My Coryat this time around was 17800 (21800 without negs).
     Today Andrew Moore goes for his seventh win. Here’s hoping he can do it.

John Simpson
Padraic Scanlan

     And we thought there was some head-scratching yesterday…. This felt like one of my worst games ever. Watching it the second time through, I see the clues were terrible! I didn’t feel out of focus but you’ll find out I was. Did you keep track of your Coryat? I’d love to know what it was.
     Andrew, however, had little trouble out of the gate. He got 10 right and one wrong by the first break and had 6600. Padraic got 3 right and one wrong and had 1400. John got one right and had 800.
     I wondered why Andrew had waited so long to bust out the tie – He helped solve that today by saying he had to go shopping since he won so many times. (Jeopardy! tells you to bring just 3 outfits.)
     I said what John did on this triple-stumper in Washington Math: “U.S. representatives for Delaware times U.S. representatives for Alaska.” Andrew negged too, but he still had control of the next clue: the Daily Double, in the same category. Andrew had gotten 2 right and the one wrong since the break, and had 7200. John had gotten the one wrong and had 200. Padraic still had 1400. Andrew wagered 3000 on this much simpler clue: “Obama’s number as president divided by the number of heads carved on Mount Rushmore.” Andrew took kind of a long time but he got it.
     I was thinking of the inauguration instead of the State of the Union on this one, but luckily John answered correctly before I could neg: “States outside the contiguous U.S. minus people on the dais behind the president at the State of the Union address.”
     Later I was thinking of all the amendments, not just the Bill of Rights, on this one still in Washington Math: “The number of amendments in the Bill of Rights times the number of Supreme Court justices.” Luckily I didn’t respond!
     Andrew, no surprise, still had a whopping lead at the end of the round. He’d gotten 4 right and one wrong since his Daily Double and had 10800. Padraic got 6 right and had 3400. John got one right and had 1200. I wonder if he had trouble ringing in…?
     I was proud I got the movie but misread the clue on this one in Sing That Song: “This movie song begins, ‘Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you.'”
     I’m counting this one right in Diaries & Journals, even though I got it wrong til Andrew negged: “In a January 1928 diary entry, she wrote about her future husband, ‘The flight gave him to the world.'” I can’t believe it was a triple-stumper.
     I “knew” this one but wasn’t gonna guess on the title in the brief time I had, in Sing That Song: “‘I remember when we broke up the first time,’ begins this Taylor Swift song with a 7-word title.”
     Padraic soon found the next Daily Double in Diaries & Journals. He’d gotten 5 right and had 10600. Andrew had gotten 7 right and 2 wrong, and had 18000. John had gotten 3 right and one wrong and had 4800. Padraic wagered 8000 on this clue: “In January 1770 this explorer wrote, ‘Natives brought…the heads of the men they had lately kill’d.'” Padraic got it right!
     Andrew found the next Daily Double in American History, but not before Padraic had picked up a clue where Andrew had negged. Andrew then had one right and one wrong since Padraic’s Daily Double, and had 17600 now. Padraic got the one right and had 19800. John still had 4800. Andrew wagered 8000 on this clue: “In 1977, on the 50th anniversary of their execution, a proclamation was issued saying this pair had been treated unjustly.” Andrew knew this easily. Phew!
     At the end of the round, John had gotten one more right and had 5200. Padraic had gotten 4 right and one wrong and had 21400. Andrew had gotten 3 right and one wrong and had 26400. If I were Padraic, I’d wager 11400. If I were John, I might wager 4800.
     The Final Jeopardy category was Plants. I’m not sure why but Mr. Trebek said after the commercial this sounds like a tough category. This clue was downright stinky: “Economically speaking, this plant family with about 10,000 species is by far the most important.” I don’t know where to begin, and I’m not one to complain about clues very much. Awful, awful, awful. Of course no one got it right. John lost all but a dollar. Padraic lost 10000! That’s pretty good – It was still enough to beat John if he’d doubled. Andrew lost 16401. Padraic takes him down then, and we’ll see him tomorrow. The ToC list remains unchanged. I look forward to seeing Andrew in the tournament!
     My Coryat today was only 14000 (17200 without negs).