Majority minority mediocrity

     So yesterday was a train wreck as Jeopardy! episodes go. Was today any better?

Jonathan Van Balen
Lauren Hopkins Karcz
Greg Draves

     Here’s today’s tweeted clue, in Watch Those Rats & Mice. I didn’t respond, and I’m glad because I would’ve given what was correct for this clue that appeared on the episode: “‘Quiet Please!,’ starring this feline & mouse duo, won the 1945 Oscar for Best Cartoon Short Subject.” This is the correct response to the tweeted clue, which I’d never have gotten.
     I at first counted my response of “cheese puffs” to this clue in They’re After the “Chee”s: “A puffed cornmeal snack created in 1948.” But I found out cheese puffs were created in 1930. And “puff” was in the clue.
     Poor Greg looked like he had trouble ringing in first. (I can relate.) He started to hit his stride though, and at the first break had gotten 3 right. He had 1200 then. Lauren got 4 right and had 2000. Jonathan had 8 right and had 4600.
     Jonathan found the Daily Double in Body Quotes. He’d gotten 3 right after the break and had 6800. Lauren got one right and had 3000. Greg still had 1200. Jonathan wagered 1200 on this clue: “This 1897 work includes the line ‘A great nose indicates a great man.'” I got this one right but Jonathan didn’t.
     At the end of the round, Jonathan had 7200 after getting 3 right and one wrong since his Daily Double. Greg had 3200 after getting 4 more right, and Lauren had 4800 after getting 3 right.
     Did you guys get the impression that Mr. Trebek wasn’t familiar with the songs in Pop Hit Missing Links? He just read them strangely, and he seemed surprised when contestants got any right.
     “We’ve got a great game underway,” Mr. Trebek said when Lauren found the Daily Double in African-American Authors. We do?? Maybe he withheld “…compared to yesterday!” Jonathan still struggled with negs today, getting 3 in the round thus far. He got 4 right too though, and had 8800. Greg got 8 right and had 12800, and Lauren got 8 right and one wrong and had 10800. She wagered 3000 on this clue: “Kristin Hunter took the title for her novel ‘God Bless the Child’ from this singer.” I didn’t know, and Lauren didn’t either. Shania Twain’s the only one I know who sings that. Well, and a girl on American Idol.
     Lauren found the other Daily Double, in Political Jargon. She got lucky, because the contestants had moved away from that category with that one clue remaining, earlier in the round. Lauren had gotten one right and Jonathan had gotten the same one wrong since Lauren’s last Daily Double. Lauren now had 9400 and Jonathan had 7200. Lauren wagered 2000 on this clue: “A state like Texas whose composition is less than 50% Caucasian is said to be this alliterative, oxymoronic term.” I’d never heard of this, but Lauren knew it.
     At the end of the round, Greg had 3 right once his response of “wind resistance” was accepted, to this clue in Science in Sports: “A curveball curves because this is unequal on different sides where the ball’s surface meets the air.” He had 17600 then. Jonathan got one wrong and 2 right after Lauren’s second Daily Double, and had 6800. Lauren still had 11400.
     The Final Jeopardy category was Americana. This was the clue: “A bo’sun whistle was once a prize in boxes of this alliterative product introduced in 1963.” Unfortunately, I had to pause during the Think Music because someone doing work in my apartment needed me. I got this one right but not instantly, and I probably had more time to think about it then I would have. Jonathan got this right and added 5783. He’d written “Cracker Jack” at first. It felt like Mr. Trebek expected someone else to say it too, because he got a dig in about “you realized that Cracker Jack – oh that’s much older than 1963.” Lauren said “Cracker Jack” but Mr. Trebek had said what he had to. She lost 7000. Greg got this right and added 5200. We’ll see him tomorrow!
     My Coryat wasn’t half-bad considering the distractions: 24600 (27400 without negs).