This indecision’s bugging me

      First, a shameless and sincere request for votes:

     I got home at 5:01 Sunday, and realized a few minutes later that nothing was recording when I glanced at the clock. (Jeopardy! should’ve been, of course.) So I hurried but missed the clues before the first break. I decided not to track my Coryat. (I’m loathe to use the archive for that, now that I’ve been on the show.) The episode originally aired 1-20-12. It doesn’t look like I kept track the first time either.
     Andy and I asked in our last post what you wanted us to do this hiatus. Since no one’s responded I get the feeling no one really cares if we follow J! contestants in the Summer Hiatus Challenge on the boards. I’ve also considered doing “Where Are They Now?” about former contestants, if that appeals to anyone…
     I don’t know when we’ll post again, but we haven’t gone away, and we won’t.

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