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     As I’m typing this, this week’s Hometown Howdies are not posted on Jeopardy!‘s YouTube channel yet. I’ll try again tomorrow.
     Last week, you may recall I was having trouble getting pictures from my phone to my e-mail. I was going to visit Verizon today and leave U.S. Cellular all together, but my current phone seems almost as good as new after I…wait for it…turned it off and turned it back on yesterday morning. The little things. I got photos lickety-split today.

Stephanie Femrite Stevens
Matt Volk

Collin Adams

     On Friday, Matt defeated likely-future-ToCer Jared Hall in convincing fashion. Will he do it again?
     Naturally, Iowa guy Matt went to Agricultural Hall of Fame, which I wound up sweeping. At the first break:
Matt 1200 (5 right and one wrong)
Collin 2600 (5 right)
Stephanie 1800 (5 right)
     Interesting that Stephanie is a deacon. Too bad they didn’t say what faith she practices. (And too bad I couldn’t contact her for a Q & A because the Howdies aren’t posted!) And Collin is a Presbyterian minister. If I were his mom I might go into hiding after he said she didn’t want her sons to be ministers…because she felt sorry for their potential wives. I love men but isn’t this just like one? I wonder if his mom knew that was one of Collin’s prospective anecdotes. If she’s like my mom, she was hit up for possibilities!
     Shout-out to a Nebraskan, in Agricultural Hall of Fame: “The contributions of J. Sterling Morton include this tree-planting holiday first observed on April 10, 1872.”
     Stephanie found the Daily Double of the round, in the video category Broadway.
Matt 3400 (3 right)
Collin 4600 (3 right and one wrong)
Stephanie 4800 (3 right)
     Stephanie wagered only 500 on this clue (pity). It was read by Jimmy: “Theater-goers are dancing in the aisles at ‘Motown: The Musical,’ about this record company founder and his legendary artists.”

     Stephanie and I knew this one instantly. What a wasted opportunity! At the end of the round:
Matt 4400 (One right)
Collin 4600
Stephanie 6100 (One right)
     Even after hearing all the clues in Hawaii…Not!, I don’t understand the category title. Do you guys get it? And what about the next round’s TV for Thee and Me? But I swept Broadway!
     Collin found the first Daily Double in Double Jeopardy, in Anthropologist’s Dictionary.
Matt 10000 (7 right and one wrong)
Collin 11400 (6 right)
Stephanie 7300 (2 right)
     What appears above is after a neg of Collin’s was counted right after all, and also after considering Stephanie’s subsequent neg never to have happened. Collin wagered just 1000 on this clue: “It’s the ‘ism’ defined as the belief that creatures & natural objects have souls.” This was my own get of the day. I’d like to put it on a poll, because I suspect it was a toughie. Collin said something closed-captioning spelled “panentheism.”
     I said “women” instead of “girls” (and counted it) on this one in The Quotable Dorothy Parker: “Ms. Parker rhymed ‘Men seldom make passes at’ these.”
     Collin found the next Daily Double too, in British Royal Residences.
Matt 10400 (One right)
Collin 11200 (One right)
Stephanie 5700 (One right and one wrong)
     Collin wagered 600 (?!) on this clue: “In 1886 a loft for this type of bird was built at Sandringham House; birds from the loft later saw service in WWII.” Collin got it, and this was the last clue of Double Jeopardy. Mr. Trebek had given the minute-to-go warning with 8 clues left!
Matt 10400
Collin 11800
Stephanie 5700
     The Final Jeopardy category was Classic Films. Will I get my first final right of the season? This was the clue: “The first scene of this movie was shot on the first day of filming, Oct. 2, 1960 at 5 a.m. at 727 5th Ave. at 57th St. in New York City.” Stephanie’s guess was so good I thought it was right. It wasn’t, and Collin said the same thing. Matt got it right! I’d never have given that response. He added 8600, while Stephanie lost all but a dollar and Collin lost 10400. We’ll see Matt tomorrow! I have a feeling I may be updating the ToC list.
     My Coryat today was 18000 (19200 without negs).  

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