The Daily Fail

      Still no Howdies on the show’s YouTube channel. Like I had to say yesterday, we’ll try again tomorrow.
     Yesterday Matt Volk won his second game. His opponents today:

Loni Geerlings

Neal Pollack

     Neal’s from Austin, like Jared Hall!
     Did you hear Mr. Trebek?: “You folks seem to prefer it when we get to all of the material in each program, so no preamble today….” Who finally sent Mr. Trebek the memo? And why, after all this time? Let me tell you, it’s the contestant coordinators who want the players to get to all the material.
     It was a strange coincidence that Non-potent Potables was the first category revealed. I’d been looking for an apple cider recipe I could take to work. (No luck.)
     Matt started with The League-Leading Stat and seemed to like it. He got 4/5.
     Loni found the Daily Double of the round in Novel Wives. I’d gotten the 4 in the category right.
Matt 2000 (4 right)
Neal 1600 (2 right)
Loni 1400 (3 right)
     Loni wagered just 500 on this clue: “‘Z’ by Therese Anne Fowler is a novel about this real literary wife.” Hey, I swept the category! Loni got this one instantly too.
     I said what Loni did on this one in Oh, “G”!, even though I was closer to thinking it would be wrong than right. It was read by Sarah: “Many satellites are in this type of orbit in which they’re at a fixed point, moving at the same speed as Earth’s rotation.”

     It was a triple-stumper. Did anyone reading this know the correct response? I doubt it.
     At the first break:
Matt 2800 (3 right)
Neal 1600
Loni 1700 (One wrong)
     Were you guys surprised Mr. Trebek didn’t know roller derby was still around? It’s common around here.
     Despite the lack of “preamble,” Mr. Trebek gave the less-than-a-minute warning with 6 clues left.
     I blogged this episode in two parts today, a few hours apart, and I found myself wondering whether my notes were right that Loni got 10 right since the first break. I guess!:
Matt 6800 (4 right)
Neal 600 (One wrong)
Loni 8300 (10 right)
     I just plain like this snappy clue in Movie Villains: “No nose was good nose for this 2011 Ralph Fiennes character; you can say his name.”
     Neal found the first Daily Double of the round, in 4-Letter U.S. Cities. Mr. Trebek said he’d “moved up handsomely.”
Matt 9200 (3 right)
Neal 5000 (3 right)
Loni 11500 (3 right)
     Neal wagered it all (:-))on this clue: “It’s the biggest city on the ‘big island.'” I knew the island but not the city. Neal got it.
     Loni found the next Daily Double in Heavenly Language. Mr. Trebek noticed she’d been looking for it, something I observed too.
Matt 12400 (3 right)
Neal 11600 (2 right)
Loni 13500 (3 right and one wrong)
     Loni wagered 1500. Is this an appropriate wager? There were 10 clues left on the board. This was the clue: “This word found in the first chapter of the King James Bible means the vault of heaven.” Neither Loni nor I got it.
     I got this triple-stumper on a guess, in Heavenly Language: “Benjamin Disraeli coined the phrase ‘I am on the side of’ these, now meaning supporting the good.” I’m glad this worked out because it was worth 2000. Mr. Trebek then gave the less-than-a-minute warning with 7 clues left. Two were left covered.
Matt 12800 (One right and one wrong)
Neal 14000 (3 right)
Loni 12000
     The Final Jeopardy category was Newspapers. I consider this a specialty of mine. Will this be my first correct final of the season?: “On July 23, 2013 this bestselling British tabloid re-spelled its name on its masthead to honor big British news.” I knew the event to which the clue referred, and I searched my brain. I wound up going with “The Daily Mail (Male).” Wrong. Whoa, Loni got it right! She doubled her score. Matt got it and added 12200. Neal? He got it right too, and wagered 12000, making him the new champion. And boy was he pumped. He had like 4 or 5 mini-celebrations at the lectern.
     My Coryat today is 17200 (21000 without negs).