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     My weekend Coryat is 25600 (27400 without negs). The first time I played, my score was 19600 (23800 without negs). The episode originally aired 7-17-13.
     Don’t forget I’m doing a Q & A with season 29 champ Adam Holquist. Let me know in a comment if you have any questions for him.
     Here’s this week’s episode of The Experts Show!

     Here are this week’s contestants:
Woody Bell – Columbia, MD
Sam Bernhard – Blacksburg, VA
Donna Fairweather-Foley – Huntington, NY
Tiffany Gholar – Chicago, IL
Rachel Hirsch – Cambridge, MA
Meredith Larson – Washington, D.C.
Phil Lowe – Raleigh, NC
Evan Struble – Columbus, OH

     On Friday, Craig Cornish Jr. stopped Carlos Ross and won for the first time.

Reem Fattouh
Murray Weiss

     Poor Murray seemed perplexed when his response of “Robin Hood” was not accepted for this clue in The ____ of ____: “He was the less than legal lawman trying to keep the peace around Sherwood Forest.”
     Craig found the first Daily Double in Please, Not Chapter 11.
Craig 600 (3 right and one wrong)
Murray -200 (One wrong)
Reem 1200 (Four right)
     Craig wagered 1000 on this easy clue: “Chapter 4: ‘Clarence Endive was from East Egg, as I remember. He came only once, in white knickerbockers.” Craig got it immediately. At the first break:
Craig 3600 (2 right)
Murray 400 (One right)
Reem 3400 (4 right)
     I was surprised when Mr. Trebek said he’d never welcomed a contestant (Reem) from his hometown of Sudbury, Ontario. But I look on the archive and nor do I see anyone from there.
     I got this triple-stumper in We’re Having a Barbecue: “The name of these alliterative ribs refers to size, not age.”
     At the end of the round:
Craig 9000 (9 right and one wrong)
Murray 200 (One right and one wrong)
Reem 5400 (3 right)
     Craig found the next Daily Double in Mything Persons. Mr. Trebek said he was off to a “blazing start.”
Craig 12200 (4 right)
Murray 200
Reem 6600 (One right)
     The confident Craig wagered 5000 on this clue: “When presiding over the new year, this Roman god holds the numbers 300 & 65 in his hands.” Craig got it right.
     I got this triple-stumper in Nationalitease: “A lot of wall writing right here in the United States?” (In case you missed the show, “Spanish moss” was the example Mr. Trebek gave when explaining the category.) And I got this one in Military Governors: “As military governor of this ‘crescent city,’ Benjamin Franklin Butler allegedly looted its local banks.” Then I got this one, again in Nationalitease: “Volleyball player lofting the ball so his Dublin teammates can spike it?” Two contestants negged on it!
     Reem found the last Daily Double, which was also the last clue on the board. It was in Periodic Table for 5.
Craig 26400 (9 right and one wrong)
Murray -1800 (2 right and 3 wrong)
Reem 13400 (6 right)
     I realize there’s a lot of pressure at a time like this, but I got the impression it was too much for Reem and she picked a random wager (2000). I can’t wait to read discussion of this wager on jboard! Here is Reem’s clue: “This metal’s name is derived from a word for a demon or little devil.” Reem didn’t get it, and she actually looked relieved.
     I don’t know if it was supposed to make Murray feel better, but Mr. Trebek said the “youngsters” were faster on the signaling device. Speaking of him, I had the perfect title for today’s post, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Can you guess what it was?
     The Final Jeopardy category was U.S. Presidents. Here’s the clue: “Although born in the United States, he was the only president who spoke English as a second language.” Reem’s 2000 wager on the Daily Double didn’t matter because she did not know the Final and Craig did. I believe we were told he is a history student! Reem lost 3600 and Craig added 1400. Maybe we’ll be adding him to the ToC list tomorrow.
     My Coryat today was 22000 (28000 without negs). Ouch!

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