Ted Cruz Night

      Yesterday Meredith Larson won for the first time. Here she is today with her opponents:

Donna Fairweather-Foley

Sam Bernhard


     Sam and Donna got all the clues in That Word Smarts!, but they were soon to struggle with negs, including almost-correct responses. In fact, I didn’t get this one right in Salad until Donna had a vowel sound wrong: “How about one of these Mexican salads? It’s name means ‘toasted.'”

     Then Meredith didn’t pick it up! Same story on this one in the same category – I didn’t get it til Donna negged on it (but this was later reversed): “This salad of tomatoes & mozzarella gets its name from an island near the Bay of Naples.” Sam negged on it too! Then it was my turn to neg, on this one in the same category: “Add some crunch to your salad with this white-fleshed veggie also called a Mexican potato.” It was a triple-stumper, and no one negged. This was a triple-stumper too, in still the same category, and no one negged: “This ‘colorful’ salad dressing was created in San Francisco in the 1920s & named for a play.” Mr. Trebek thinks the contestants have tried it. I doubt I have! Anyone know what it’s like?
     Anybody else fall for the “Kansas” neg bait on this one in A River Runs Through It?: “Fort Dodge is on the Des Moines River in this state.” I later got this triple-stumper in the category though, on a guess: “In the south of this state, the Atchafalaya River empties into Atchafalaya Bay.”
     I was hoping Pop Quiz would be about the fizzy kind, but it wasn’t. It was about fathers!
     At the first break:
Meredith 1000 (2 right)
Donna 2600 (5 right and one wrong. This was after the aforementioned neg-reverse happened.)
Sam 1000 (6 right and 3 wrong!)
     Donna used to be a cop, and she met her husband her first day on the job! And they didn’t get married til 6 years later!
     I swept the easy In the Bill of Rights. Sam pulled a Donna was almost right on this one in the category: “The right ‘of the people peaceably to’ do this, gather together.” This time Donna picked it up.
     Meredith found the Daily Double of the round in Caesar. It was the second-to-last clue on the board.
Meredith 1800 (2 right and one wrong)
Donna 5400 (4 right)
Sam 3400 (6 right and one wrong)
     Meredith wagered it all on this clue. (That’s what I’d have done.) “If he’d been emperor of Egypt, his name would have been Nileius.” I thought I’d about said every Caesar I know in previous clues, but this was easy. Meredith got it too. Meredith and I got the last clue too.
Meredith 4600
Donna 5400
Sam 3400
     Donna got the first clue of Double Jeopardy right, and the next clue was the Daily Double in “P”s on Earth.
Meredith 4600
Donna 5800
Sam 3400
     She wagered 1800 on this clue: “The grave of this founder of a U.S. state is at Old Jordans cemetery, Buckinghamshire, England.” I’d forgotten the category, unfortunately. She got it right. Then she got a vowel sound wrong on this response in the same category, and like before, I only got it then: “The U.S. sped up its pullout from Luzon’s Clark Air Force Base after this volcano’s 1991 eruption.” I’d never heard of these next 2, still in “P”s on Earth: “Pandora in Verona and Pandolce in Genoa are also Christmas specialties, but the best-known edible symbol of an Italian Christmas is this Milanese treat, eaten the world over.”

     Someone want to send me that? and “Most species of this small mammal live in high areas of Asia.”

     Don’t send me that.
     I’d better include the clue that made this blog post title possible. From Recent History: “In September 2013 this Texas senator held the floor for 21 hours in an effort to derail Obamacare.” Are you a little surprised it wasn’t referred to as “the Affordable Care Act”? I welcome your comments about this, by the way.
     Right now I’m listening to William P. Young’s The Shack for my other blog, so I was pleased to see the category Audio Book Performers. By the way, if anyone has any thoughts on The Shack I’d love to hear them. I got this triple-stumper in Audio Book Performers: “Monty Python’s Terry Jones says of this pre-Shakespeare poet, ‘Once you get past the spelling, he speaks so clearly.” Mr. Trebek gave the less-than-a-minute warning then, with 4 clues left on the board. Meredith dove for the 2000 clue, which was a triple-stumper and again, something I’d never heard of: “Natascha McElhone interprets the poems of this British poet, sister of Dante Gabriel.” The next clue was the other Daily Double. “Oh, my” Mr. Trebek said.
Meredith 19400
Donna 11200
Sam 5400
     Meredith wagered 1000. I’m eager to read the discussion on jboard about this wager. Here’s the clue, still in Audio Book Performers: “Andrew Sachs, who played a Spaniard among Brits on ‘Fawlty Towers,’ reads this 1859 ‘tale’ of a Brit among the French.” Meredith got it right. Meredith got the next clue right too, and it was the last one revealed.
Meredith 21600
Donna 11200
Sam 5400
     The Final Jeopardy category was the strange Sports Term History. Here’s the clue: “After throwing a long, last-second touchdown in 1975, Roger Staubach said, ‘I closed my eyes and said’ this.” This was the ultimate instaget for me. Mr. Trebek said all the contestants wrote their correct responses down quickly too. Indeed they were all correct. Sam doubled his score. (He said in his interview he plays soccer!) Donna added 11000. Meredith added 1201, making her a 2-day champ.
     My Coryat today was 28600 (31000 without negs).
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