Knockout punch

      You didn’t come for this but here’s my Coryat for the weekend anyway: 29600 (31000 without negs). The episode originally aired 11-23-12, and the first time I played my score was 26400 (29000 without negs).
     Next, Andy and I got an e-mail from Sony announcing their new “Sports Jeopardy” app, for iOS and Android. It’s 99 cents though. If you try it let us know what you think.
     Now for what you have come for: Who will join Chuck Forrest in the final Battle of the Decades week? Here’s a tweet Andy dug up about the contestants:

Leslie Frates
Andrew Westney

Leszek Pawlowicz

     I was impressed by Leslie’s poise off the bat today. I didn’t realize she was a Spanish teacher. That explains “Meh-hee-co“!
     I said what Andrew did on this one in Business & the Market: “In 2013 Facebook dangled $3 billion in cash in front of this photo-messaging company, which said no.” On the next clue I said what Leslie did (same category): “This giant Peoria-based company purchased Era Mining Machinery in 2012.” Leszek picked both of these up!
     At the first break:
Leslie 400 (5 right and one wrong)
Leszek 4600 (8 right)
Andrew 800 (2 right and one wrong)
     It did my heart good when Andrew referred to his wife as a “knockout.” Would that we were all that lucky! He soon found the Daily Double in Book Covers.
Leslie 2000 (3 right)
Leszek 5600 (2 right)
Andrew 3000 (4 right)
     He wagered 2000 on this clue: “From 1969: The puppeteer’s hand hold the control piece, with the strings attached to the title.” He got it right! At the end of the round:
Leslie 3000 (One right)
Leszek 6400 (One right)
Andrew 6000 (One right)
     Leslie found the first Daily Double of Double Jeopardy, in 8-Letter Words.
Leslie 6200 (3 right)
Leszek 10000 (4 right)
Andrew 9600 (3 right)
     She wagered 4000 on this clue: “If you grasp all the symbols seen here at a glance, this field must be your hobby.”

     Leslie got it right!
     I got this triple-stumper in Clarinets & Seafood: “Tilapia is known in Israel as this apostle’s fish; tradition holds he caught one & found a coin in its mouth.” I vaguely remembered a picture of this in my children’s Bible. By the way, what is the meaning of this category name?
     Leszek found the next Daily Double, in Run EMC. There were 2 clues left on the board after this one.
Leslie 13800 (3 right and one wrong)
Leszek 16000 (7 right and one wrong)
Andrew 12400 (2 right)
     He wagered a whopping 10000. Here’s another tweet Andy picked:

This was the clue: “The equation would never have made it big in its original version, which was conceived as the equivalent m = this.” I had no idea but Leszek got it. Anyone know this?
     At the end of the round:
Leslie 13800
Leszek 25600 (One right and one wrong)
Andrew 13600 (One right)
     Care to say how you’d wager as each contestant?
     The Final Jeopardy category was 20th Century Women Authors. This is the clue: “Readers’ letters to this author about her 1948 short story asked where the title event was held & if they could go & watch.” This was a total instaget for me. Andrew and Leszek got it too. Andrew doubled his score, while Leslie lost 9801. (Was the fact that she wrote “Shirley” a coincidence, or could she not remember the last name?) Leszek added 2400, enough to see him in the final week. I like this guy because he and I were on the same page when someone spoiled the 80s week match-ups prematurely. I pointed this out to Sony but if they cared I don’t know.
     My Coryat today was 9400 (14000 without negs). Today it might’ve helped (or maybe not) if I’d noticed the “u” in quotation marks sooner, in Where “U” Goin’? I’m eagerly waiting to see other people’s Coryats, but I haven’t seen any yet.
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