Misery loves company

      It’s a shame that I’m in a pretty big funk today. And naturally I’m blogging, when my mood’s been fine all week. You feel bad blogging like this and you hate to waste a good mood, you know? I think by the time this publishes I’ll feel better. At least I hope so, on what has been my favorite holiday. If you want to give me a Valentine, leave me a comment of any kind.
In a strange coincidence, I found out a dear friend was in a similar mood at the same time.
     I’m even recording the Olympics tonight, something I haven’t been able to get into for a couple years. Where I once saw hard work pay off, now all I see is dreams shattered in the blink of an eye and that work come to nothing. What do you guys think; do you watch?
     My Coryat for this weekend’s rerun was 26400 (26800 without one neg). The first time I played, my score was 29600 (32800 without negs). Funny that the post is titled “A game that was a joy to watch.” It really was – it featured Lucas Peterson, the guy who was extra on the day I taped the show myself.
     I watched two more Crackle episodes: 1-9-90 (featuring Frank Spangenberg): 13600 (19000 without negs!) And 10-10-90 (featuring Jim Scott): 10200 (11200 without negs). Do you guys like old-school Mr. Trebek more than the current one? I do. I’d like to have seen what he was like during taping, in those days.
     I find that looking for tweets about Jeopardy! is probably bad for me (read: stressful), like when I felt like I had to respond to this one from the so-called “Mad Genius” Arthur Chu:

     Arthur’s on my nice list since he both retweeted and favorited my response!!! Speaking of Twitter, I’m converting to Google+. I don’t know much about it yet but I have a book on the way on the subject. If you’re on Google+, I’d love it if you tell me in a comment.
     Finally (before getting to today’s game of course), it occurs to me that I haven’t posted a link to my experience on Day 2 at the Build Your Blog Conference.
     On with the show.

Julia Clark
Eric Turner

Tucker Pope

     Is it just me or does Eric look like Michael Falk? And Julia reminds me Jo from The Facts of Life, only blonde of course.
     Tucker said “International Monetary Foundation” in response to this clue in Let’s Begin the Lecture: “The U.N. maintains a library of lectures on subjects such as the role of this money-lending institution established in 1944.” After Julia came up with the correct response, Mr. Trebek said “Not the IMF.” I wonder if he noticed it’s supposed to be “International Monetary Fund.” I got this triple-stumper in the same category: “1,742 times Al Bartlett delivered his lecture on this world problem, especially as it relates to energy consumption.” Of course there is controversy as to whether this is a “problem.”
     Tucker found the Daily Double of the round, in Historic Americans.
Julia 0 (2 right and one wrong)
Tucker 4200 (7 right and one wrong)
Eric 1200 (3 right)
     He wagered 2015 (no typo) on this clue: “Like his cousin Charles, Thomas Pinckney served as governor of this state.” I was clueless, and Tucker appeared to be too. This was the last clue before the first break.
     I had to rewind to make sure Mr. Trebek really did say “Seega” on this one in Video Game Vault: “You don’t need to be a spelunker to enjoy this Sega game named for the place spelunkers explore.” Julia’s response, incidentally, was counted correct but later overturned because she added an “s” to the correct response. So Mr. Trebek got a chance to say “Seega” a second time. Why didn’t someone there tell him?
     At the end of the round:
Julia 1000 (2 right and one wrong. This is after the adjustment. And Mr. Trebek had already said she was “in a distant third”!)
Tucker 4785 (5 right)
Eric 5600 (7 right and one wrong)
     Julia found the first Daily Double in The Elements after only two clues, though.
Julia 2200 (2 right)
Tucker 4785
Eric 5600
     She wagered it all on this clue: “Martin Klaproth discovered this element in 1789 & named it for a discovery of 1781.” She got it right after thinking about it! She soon found the next Daily Double too, in Name the Shakespeare Play.
Julia 4800 (One right)
Tucker 4785
Eric 7200 (One right)
     This time Julia wagered 4000 on this clue: “2 young royal brothers go missing, never to be seen again.” She and I were clueless. Anybody get this? I thought this one at 2000 was the easiest!: “A woman disguised as a man is loved by a woman who ends up marrying her brother.”
     I got this triple-stumper in What’s Your Range?: “Pikes Peak.” If I were Mr. Trebek, I’d have been tempted to tap the microphone and ask if it was on. Never mind that this was, I believe, the third triple-stumper in a row!
     I got really nervous when I was getting everything right in A (Taylor) Swift Category. I’m not a fan and didn’t want to sweep! I’d rather have gotten more than one right (and at 200 no less!) in Video Game Vault. What ever happened to Guitar Hero and Just Dance, two faves of mine? I am proud to have swept State Governors, so that includes this triple-stumper: “This Californian has served as governor on 2 occasions, both times succeeding an actor.” Like the contestants, I didn’t get this one at the bottom of the Swift category: “‘Someday I’ll be living in a big old city, & all you’re ever gonna be is’ this.”
     Look what this fan did:

     I just think that’s cool. At the end of the round:
Julia 6800 (6 right and one wrong)
Tucker 9185 (5 right)
Eric 14000 (4 right)
     The Final Jeopardy category is Historic Places.
This is the clue: “Administered by the army, its 1st graves were dug by former slave James Parks, the only one buried there who was born on the site.” What a snap! Julia was right and added 6799. Tucker got it right and added 2185. Eric too got it and added only 1!
     The wild card race:
Whitney Thompson (Monday winner)
Ben Juster (Tuesday winner)
Terry O’Shea (Wednesday winner)
Eric Turner (Thursday winner)
Kevin Shen $15,400
Julia Clark $13,599
Laurie Beckoff $13,400
Tucker Pope $11,370
Cameron Kim $10,800

Kenesha Bennett $4,400

Sarah Stevens $1,400
James Fulwiler $0

     My Coryat today was 22800 (24600 without negs). Now I’m gonna treat myself to pulling out the ol’ (new) couch bed and vegging. Okay, it’s not new but it had been my aunt’s, and it’s new to me.

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