The missing link

      …that link being to yesterday’s episode. Neither Andy or I could cover it. But this does set up the timing for not one but two Q & As this weekend: Robin Carroll and Josh McIlvain. My Coryat yesterday though was 30400, and I didn’t have any negs!
     I played the following classic Crackle episodes recently:
Mark Dawson  (9-20-01). Remember how Mark said in his Trebek interview last week that his last show was the last for Mr. Trebek’s mustache, too? That’s this episode. My Coryat was a mere 10200 (15200 without negs).
Claudia Perry (1-3-97): 26000 with no negs
Jill Bunzendahl Chimka (5-28-02): 29200 (30200 without negs)
If anybody still wants a free download of the Jeopardy! game app, I still have 1 left for iPad and 4 for iPod Touch/iPhone. Just leave a comment saying you want one.

     So yesterday Matt Kish defeated Diana Peloquin, who defeated the infamous Arthur Chu. (Why wasn’t Matt in the Teacher’s Tournament?) I’m happy to report that after a tough week for a Jeopardy! fan, this one was a pleasure. There seemed to be something to say about each clue, but don’t worry, I didn’t!

Thad McCollum

Cameron Yahr
Matt Kish

     Did Johnny laugh when he introduced Thad as a doorperson? I don’t know why. I think that’s cool.
     At the first break:
Matt 2200 (4 right and one wrong)
Thad 1200 (3 right and one wrong)
Cameron 2200 (5 right and one wrong)
     Cameron found the Daily Double of the round in Close Quarters.
Matt 3800 (3 right)
Thad 2800 (3 right)
Cameron 3200 (2 right)
     Cameron wagered 2000 on this clue: “Get revved up and tell us the name of this state.”

     She got it so quickly I didn’t have time to submit a good response. I totally negged on this clue after the TOM, even though I was thrown off by the last words of the clue: “This state’s quarter is based on ‘Arbor Day,’ by native son Grant Wood .”

     Cameron got that one right too.
     Billiard Shots kicked my butt. I had accepted “carom” for this one: “It’s any shot where the object ball bounces off a side cushion.” I checked though, and discovered it’s defined as “a shot in pool in which an object ball strikes another ball before falling into a pocket.” I didn’t know that. (Obviously.) I don’t think I got a single one in the category right.
     At the end of the round:
Matt 4400 (One right)
Thad 5200 (4 right)
Cameron 6200 (One right)
     Perfect, the category Baseball Teams. Just last night I agreed to attend my league’s fantasy baseball draft even though I’d planned to quit and even told my partner, my uncle, that I was. (Today I fully committed to the whole season.) Back when I had a cruddier phone my uncle replied that he still wanted me at the draft at least, but I never got that message. Our “keepers,” the list of players each team is keeping from their roster, was due today, and I hadn’t given a moment’s thought to baseball. (I got Andy’s list as I was blogging.) I quick bought my magazine today and did the research while getting my hair done, which is supposed to be a treat. But I had no choice. I had told my hair lady what I was doing. Later I complained about it when I saw someone walk up out of the corner of my eye. When she ignored me I looked up, and it wasn’t my hair girl.   Incidentally I find out after my uncle sends our list to the team, I’d been looking at the wrong dollar values when choosing who we were keeping. Oh well.
     The big news from the salon is that for the first time in my life, I had to stand to get the back trimmed because my hair hung past the chair I was sitting in.

     Mine was being curled as Jeopardy! recorded at home.
     This girl is easy to please:

     Anyway, Matt found the first Daily Double of the round there in Baseball Teams.
Matt 7200 (2 right)
Thad 6400 (2 right)
Cameron 6200
     Matt confidently wagered 4000 on this clue: “In 1869 a club based in this, now a National League city, became the first all-professional baseball team.” Matt knew this, maybe because he’s from Ohio? If you knew it, how?
     More Than One Meaning whipped me. I only got one of the five, and it was the 2K!
     Matt looked like he didn’t really want to go to Pony Expressions, but he found the Daily Double there.
Matt 16400 (6 right and one wrong)
Thad 10400 (7 right and one wrong)
Cameron 11800 (6 right and one wrong)
     Did you notice Trebek said Matt had a 5000 lead over Thad?
     Matt wagered 2000 on this clue: “A nursery rhyme says, ‘I had a little pony, his name was’ this; ‘I lent him to a lady to ride a mile away.'” Neither Matt nor I knew this, but I’d have at least picked something that rhymed with “away.”
Matt hadn’t forgotten the category (as he’d done earlier) and negged on a 1600er, he’d be tied with Thad going into the Final. It makes you wonder how he’d have wagered then.
Matt 12800 (One wrong)
Thad 14400 (One right)
Cameron 11800
     Impressive scores.
     The “fun” Final Jeopardy category was Actors & Oscars, but no one had fun for at least 30 seconds. This was the clue: “He was nominated for Oscars in 5 consecutive decades; the last nod was for his 1978 role as a Nazi hunter.” I didn’t try on this but I’d might as well have – the outcome would’ve been the same. This was a triple-stumper too. Cameron lost everything, Matt lost 10801, and Thad lost 12000. So he wins!
     I don’t know why but I expected Matt to stick around for a while. I liked him, and how he went to Baseball Teams first. (But Thad stuck with it!) Oh well.
     My Coryat today was 17800 (23600 without negs). Now pardon me while I watch tennis and get caught up on studying baseball at the same time.

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