Where Alex Wears A Gold Tie

Andy here and we get a week’s worth of past champions returning!

The 90s Battle of the Decades players:
Eddie Timanus
Babu Srinivasan
Rachael Schwartz
Pam Mueller
Dan Melia
Ryan “Fritz” Holznagel
Shane Whitlock
Bob Harris
Robin Carroll
Claudia Perry
Mark Dawson
Dave Abbott
Brad Rutter
Mike Dupee
Jill Bunzendahl-Chimka

Jeanie is doing a Q&A with Robin Carroll, who plays Wednesday, before and after her show, so if you have anything you’d like her to ask, let us know! Also remember that we have a Q&A publishing soon with Josh, who lost to Arthur Chu last week!

Today’s contestants:

J! round categories:
THE 90s

Remember, Alex gives Eddie a Braille card with the categories on it, and a soft tone beeps when the clue ends!

Eddie left ROLE IN COMMON to go BOOM. Rachael went back and found the Daily Double under the $800 clue! Scores:

Rachael $800
Eddie $600
Babu $0

Rachael bet just $500. Her clue: Sean Connery, Patrick Stewart, Richard Harris. All Rachael could come up with was Henry Higgins and she fell to $300.

At the first break, the scores were:

Eddie $1,200
Babu $400
Rachael -$500

Eddie dropped a great line on Alex during his interview: “And, um, may I also say that gold tie looks wonderful on you?”

Babu has spent $4,400 on a camera. To take pictures of his cat. To share them on the Internet. “That’s why they invented the Internet, you know…”

Rachel’s applying to PhD programs, wanting to study aging and longevity!

A whole bunch of Triple Stumpers coming to the turn. A very difficult Jeopardy! round board. After 30, the scores were:

Eddie $2,400
Rachael $1,700
Babu $1,200

DJ! Round categories:
1990s NO. 1 HITS

Much like the Ultimate Tournament of Champions, Babu had issues with coming close to answers, but being not quite there. He said “I’m So Sexy” instead of “I’m Too Sexy” when dealing with the Right Said Fred song in 1990s NO. 1 HITS! It enabled Eddie to run the category and earn applause!

Our first Tweet of the Night:

After dominating, Eddie gave up control to Rachael on the $1600 ELEMENTS clue, who then hit the Daily Double at $2000! Scores:

Eddie $11,200
Rachael $3,700
Babu $800

Rachael bet just $1,000. Her clue: This element is named for a mythological king for whom food was always just out of reach. Her correct response put her at $4,700!

2014 ANNIVERSARIES had the last Daily Double! It was under the $1200 slot. There was a $1600 and $2000 clue remaining. Scores:

Eddie $12,800
Rachael $9,500
Babu $2,000

Rachael bet $1,000. Her clue: Happy 400th anniversary to this interracial couple who tied the knot in Jamestown. Rachael’s correct response put her at $10,500. Such wasted opportunities, though.

At the end of the DJ! round, the scores sat at:
Eddie $14,400
Rachael $10,500
Babu $2,000

FJ! category: PRESIDENTS

FJ! clue: He is the only 19th century President to serve 2 complete terms with the same vice president

Babu 2000 – 2000 = 0
Rachael 10500 – 2600 = 7900
Eddie 14400 – 6700 = 7700

(I coin flipped and picked the wrong James.)

And our second Tweet of the Night:

I was cheering for you, Eddie…

That makes it 6 for 6, I believe, now, with Tournament of Champions winners making the Tournament of the Decades! Up tomorrow? Pam Mueller, Dan Melia, and Fritz Holznagel! Jeanie will have the recap!