Who’ll Be The Final Nine?

Andy here with a recap of the fifth and final quarterfinal!

Your contestants:

Johnny said Chuck hopes that none of his opponents have found his book. “Secrets of the Jeopardy! Champions” isn’t really a hard book to find, to be honest!

J! round categories:

Over the first 15 clues, Chuck had the best luck on the buzzer, but both of his opponents were close! Scores after 15:

Chuck $2,000
Mark $1,200
Colby $1,200

Colby wants to visit the Scottish Highlands with his winnings! Chuck and Alex were discussing the revival of the Italian version of Jeopardy!

The Daily Double went Mark’s way, under SOUTH AMERICAN WILDLIFE $800! Scores:

Mark $2,000
Colby $1,200
Mark $600

Mark risked $1,000. His clue: <span style=”cursor:default;color:#660000;” title=”jaguar”>This feline with a fancy coat is the only New World resident traditionally classified as a big cat</span>. His correct response put him at $1,600!

Over the rest of the round, Mark and Chuck had the best luck on the buzzer; Colby’s only buzz in the second half of the round was a neg! Scores after 30:

Chuck $6,800
Mark $4,200
Colby $200

Colby opened the round by getting the $2,000 clue in FEMALE WORLD LEADERS and found the Daily Double under $1,600! He bet his entire stack. Clue: <span style=”cursor:default;color:#660000;” title=”Corazon Aquino”>Her husband’s assassination & a People Power revolution made her president in 1986</span> His correct response put him at $4,400!

Meanwhile, as Chuck kept hopping around the board, Colby found the last Daily Double as well, on the 15th clue of the round, under THE STARS WRITE $800! Scores:

Chuck $10,800
Colby $7,200
Mark $5,400

Colby bet just $1,000. His clue: <span style=”cursor:default;color:#660000;” title=”Eighty”>Born in 1928, in 2009 Dick Van Patten published a book titled this “Is Not Enough”</span>. Colby went for “The World” and fell to $6,200.

Over the back half of the round, Chuck only got three clues, giving his opponents chance to catch up!

Scores going into Final:
Chuck $14,400
Colby $11,800
Mark $10,600

FJ! category: FAMOUS BOOKS

FJ! clue: <span style=”cursor:default;color:#660000;” title=”The Book of Mormon”>It was published March 26, 1830; a very popular work with the same name premiered March 24, 2011</span>

<span style=”cursor:default;color:#660000;” title=”?”>Mark 10600 – 2000 = 8600</span>
<span style=”cursor:default;color:#660000;” title=”What is The Time Machine?”>Colby 11800 – 800 = 11000</span>
<span style=”cursor:default;color:#660000;” title=”?”>Chuck 14400 – 2500 = 11900</span>

Colby seemed very relieved that he was a wildcard!

Here are the semifinal pairings:
Monday: Chuck Forrest vs Ken Jennings vs Russ Schumacher
Tuesday: Tom Cubbage vs Leszek Pawlowicz vs Brad Rutter
Wednesday: Colby Burnett vs Roger Craig vs Pam Mueller

Jeanie was a good audience member and hasn’t told me a thing about results! I can’t wait to see what happens next week!

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