Trebek breaks a rudeness record

     I had planned to wait until I could print scoresheets out before I started keeping track of my Coryat on paper, as opposed to with my app, so I could practice ringing in again. (I have a Sports Jeopardy! audition soon.) But I wanted to start tonight, so I made a grid by hand. Tonight I wish I hadn’t tracked my Coryat at all, but more on that later.
     How apropos that I’m practicing with a Red Sox pen my sister got me on a recent visit to Fenway Park. And this time, I’m ringing in with my index finger, since I’ve heard from at least two people that’s the way to go. I’m also ringing in when I re-watch the show to blog. I know I’m getting ahead of myself but if I do pass the test, I’d better be ready.
     My mom’s helping by e-mailing 3 clues every day, and I’ve asked my sister if she will sit down and watch a football game with me so I can finally learn what the heck’s going on.
     By the way, I’m still hoping someone can tell me how to download an app to my Chromebook, since it’s not listed as an option when I go to Google Play.
     On to today’s episode. Troy Senik won yesterday for the first time. Brian Keele found the first Daily Double today, in Places in Colorado.
Troy 2000 (3 right)
Brian 1000 (2 right)
Angie Rasmussen 1200 (3 right)
     Brian wagered it all on this clue: “This city of 95,000 people is named for a New York Tribune editor.” Brian and I missed it.
     At the first break:
Troy 4600 (4 right)
Brian 0
Angie 1600 (One right)
     Cue the painful negs for Brian. On review, though, Angie negged almost as often!
     These contestants have apparently never looked at a Goodwill bookshelf, as this one in The Book of Mormons stumped all three of ’em: “Self-help author & guru Stephen Covey, who penned the highly successful ‘7 Habits of’ this group of folks.”
      Two clues were left on the board at the end of the round.
Troy 6400 (5 right and 2 wrong)
Brian -400 (2 right and 5 wrong)
Angie 1200 (2 right and 3 wrong)
     Brian came out guns blazing in Double Jeopardy though, going 4/5 in 80s Fashions. He looked like he knew the fifth one too, but Angie rang in ahead of him. Soon Brian found a Daily Double in Moviemakers.
Troy 8000 (3 right)
Brian 4400 (5 right)
Angie 3200 (One right)
     Brian wagered 2000 on this clue: “O this director of ‘Trainspotting’ & ‘Slumdog Millionaire,’ the pipes, the pipes are calling.” I said the same thing Brian did (wrong), but I phrased mine in the form of a question.
     I counted this wrong in An Immodest Proposal, because it seemed like Trebek wanted the first name before counting it right and I didn’t know it: “Imelda, you’re a 1950s Manila beauty queen! Nice! But marry me & be my first lady (& you’ll get shoes! Lots of shoes!)”
     Angie found the next Daily Double in & Span “D_X”. (Correct responses begin with D and end with X.)
Troy 10800 (3 right)
Brian 4400 (2 right)
Angie 5600 (3 right and one wrong)
     Angie seemed to think she was a hero in wagering it all, but I’d have done the same thing. Here’s the clue: “This 2-word term for a spiral shape dates to 1954.” This is a snap but it took Angie a while, and then she didn’t use proper phrasing at first!
     Do you think they’d have accepted “30 Rock” in response to this clue in Put On Your Neon?: “The Rainbow Room on the 65th floor at this address is set to reopen in 2013; maybe Tina Fey will be up there.” I counted mine.
     At the end of the round:
Troy 16000 (4 right)
Brian 6400 (2 right)
Angie 15200 (3 right and one wrong)
     The Final Jeopardy category was Business & Industry. This is the clue: “Founded in 1908, this big company was removed from the S&P 500 in 2009 after filing for bankruptcy but returned in 2013.” Brian had it right! He added 6300. Angie was wrong and she lost 15000. Still “no guts, no glory”? Troy was wrong too, and he lost a whopping 15500. Trebek said “Great strategy. You faked them out.” Ouchie! I hope now Brian fakes Trebek out too and wins at least 4 more.
     So oh yeah, my Coryat? 14000, with 6000 in negs.

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