I Missed a “Gurl”

     Here comes day 2 of the Teen Tournament.
     I had seen this tweet from Erin…

     …but I wondered what interest she had in the tournament, thinking she was an adult! Doesn’t she look like one in her avatar?
     I took contestant pictures, but they haven’t arrived in my e-mail as I’m ready to schedule this. I have to give Jeff a thumbs-up for his outfit, though.
     I thought pop music categories might hurt me in this tournament, but I thought I knew more than I did about Katy Perry. I only got this one in the category, and it was at the last second on a guess: “‘Who You Love’ is Katy’s duet with this man.” How did you guys do?
     The obviously nervous Erin found the Daily Double of the round, in Official Languages.
Erin 2800 (4 right)
Selena 1000 (2 right)
Jeff 1200 (3 right)
     Erin wagered 800 on this clue: “Liberia.” We both got it right.
     I swept We’ll Need Your “ID” just before the first break.
Erin 4400 (2 right)
Selena 1000
Jeff 3400 (3 right)
     I would’ve swept My Present Government Job, so you can imagine how peeved I was when that “Recorded in March 2014” threw me off so I clammed too, on this triple-stumper: “Kathleen Sebelius, insuring America, one person at a time.” I swept You’re on the List. (I have a feeling I’m not going back to my scorekeeping app, in favor of pen and paper!)
      At the end of the round:
Erin 6200 (3 right)
Selena 2600 (3 right)
Jeff 7600 (7 right)
     I didn’t get any right in Double Jeopardy til this one in Books with Subtitles: “This Alex Haley book is subtitled ‘The Saga of an American Family.'” Can you believe that was a triple-stumper?? I got this one too, in Nicknames: “Life was a circus for this ‘Prince of Showmen’ AKA ‘Prince of Humbugs.'”
     Selena found the first Daily Double of the round, in Inventors & Inventions.
Erin 6200
Selena 8600 (6 right)
Jeff 11600 (5 right and one wrong)
     Selena wagered 1000 on this clue: “In 1895, he began sending & receiving wireless signals as far as 1.5 miles at his father’s home near Bologna, Italy.” She was wrong but I was right.
     Jeff looked happy to get the other Daily Double, in 6-Letter Words. There was one clue on the board after this one.
Erin 9400 (2 right and one wrong)
Selena 12000 (4 right)
Jeff 16000 (4 right)
     Jeff wagered 3000 on this clue: “By definition, this verb form operates as a noun & ends in -ing.” He and I got it right.
     Selena got the last clue right, worth 2000.
     The Final Jeopardy category was World Landmarks. This was the clue: “Built for a World’s Fair in 1889, its visitors that year included the Prince of Wales & Buffalo Bill; it still gets 7 million a year.” Erin was wrong and lost 400. Selena and I were right, and she adds 6000. Jeff’s response didn’t count because he left a letter off the correct response! But he didn’t wager anything! I was pulling for him, but maybe he’ll get a wildcard.
     I said to my dad when I was done blogging, “I don’t care what you do to the TV.” He paused and said, “I’ll pick it up and slam it on the floor.” 😀 When I asked if I could put that in the blog, he said “If you think it’s of value.”
     My Coryat today was 34600, and I had no negs!

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