Misstatements of interest

     Yesterday, we found out Jeff Xie will be in the Teen Tournament finals. Who ya got in this episode?

Joe Taglic
Selena Groh

Cooper Lair

     Funny, today the contestant pictures arrived in my e-mail immediately.
     Did you think we’d have a theme board after the first two categories were revealed? Computer Stuff and “Mac” or “P.C.” And Trebek, saying “Uh oh” after he read Computer Stuff. Maybe just to him! Actually I went 4/5 in the category, clamming on “meme” at 2000.
     Another thing that seems to bug him is finding the Daily Double early, which is what happened today.
Joe 1000 (One right)
Cooper 800 (One right)
Selena 0
     Joe found it in Old Testament Heroes, and he wagered everything on this clue: “When presented with this son’s bloodstained coat, Jacob assumed that ‘an evil beast hath devoured him.'” Easy! Joe got it too.
     Cooper swept “Mac” or “P.C.” before the end of the first segment.
Joe 3800 (3 right)
Cooper 4400 (7 right)
Selena 800 (One right)
     I wore a dress with a similar pattern as Selena’s at the Battle of the Decades taping/most recent O’Brien’s quiz. Have you heard of that “Darren Criss” that she mentioned in her interview today? That’s how closed-captioning spelled it anyway! 
     I went 0/5 in Complete the Lyric! Is it just me?
     At the end of the round:
Joe 4800 (4 right and 2 wrong)
Cooper 10200 (8 right)
Selena 1800 (2 right)
     Joe found the first Daily Double in Teens Rule.
Joe 9200 (3 right)
Cooper 10200
Selena 1800
     We found it early again! Joe wagered 3000 on this clue: “Juan II, a feeble teenage king of Castile in the 1420s, is best remembered as this queen’s father.”
     I wouldn’t have gotten this one right in South America if Cooper hadn’t added a letter to what would’ve been a correct response: “This 1,700-mile-long Venezuelan river is home to piranhas, electric eels & 20-foot crocodiles.”  That was a net gain of 4000 for Joe. Speaking of misspeaking, Mr. Trebek said “piranyas”! Later, Joe picked up another neg of Cooper’s. The latter had added 3 letters this time, to what would’ve been correct otherwise on this one in Crossword Clues “Q”: “William Penn’s religion (6).” At least that clue was only worth 400. I swept that category, by the way.
     Time for a surprising triple-stumper, in Poets & Poetry: “This ‘Death Be Not Proud’ poet was considered the greatest of England’s metaphysical poets.” And Selena negged! Just as surprising is I went 4/5 in this category, clamming on “The Raven” at 200!
     It was Joe’s turn to misspeak on this one in Graphic Novel Adaptations: “In 2006 a graphic novel was created in order to boost interest in what would become this 2011 sci-fi western with Daniel Craig.” That one was worth 1200. I negged on it! That category was brutal – I went 0/5. You guys? The next clue after the Daniel Craig one was a Daily Double, in Poets & Poetry. It was Cooper’s to play then. There were 4 clues on the board after this one, all worth 400.
Joe 21800 (9 right and one wrong)
Cooper 15800 (6 right and 2 wrong)
Selena 3400 (3 right and one wrong)
     This Daily Double was at the 800 spot, so Cooper might as well go big in my opinion. He wagered 6200 on this easy clue: “Her poem no. 288 asks, ‘I’m nobody! Who are you — nobody — too?'” Imagine if he’d gotten this wrong! But he didn’t. He got the next 3 right, and the last clue was a triple-stumper on which Selena negged.
Joe 21800
Cooper 23200
Selena 3000
     The Final Jeopardy category was Days of the Week. This was the clue: “In Spanish & French, the word for Friday comes from Latin for ‘day of’ this goddess.” This was a breeze for me because I took lots of French and I spent some time in France. Selena lost everything with her incorrect response. I have to wonder if she needed to take a language in high school! At mine all that was offered was Spanish and French. Joe got this right and added 15795. Cooper was right and added 21000! He’s looking good for the finals.
     My Coryat today was 30400 (31600 without negs).

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