Follow-up Friday

     So did you try to solve Stefan Goodreau’s palindromes yet? Here are the answers. (Hover your arrow over the dark red text.) I got numbers 1, 2, 6, 7, 8 and 12 in the day allotted. Look here to see how some Jeopardy! champs did.

1. Aries of Ares.

2. Away! Suspend one sausage, for no one may share my broad, flat noodles.

3.  Bring the car to the curb, Mrs. Peron; this is our arrival, so say hi and bring the car to the curb.

4.  A Cohiba? Throw that away; how devastating.

5.  Don’t deny anyone’s deserved attention. Those spiced breakfast pastries look great!

6.  Johnny’s announcer (that’s me) done performed the Mass part after the sign of peace.

7.  Let us toast elaborately ornamental, 18th century decay!

8.  Lycanthropic plant life, gross!

9.  My mother has a level of altruism comparable to mine.

10.  Of “Jaguar” and “jaguar,” which describes what caught my eye?

11.  Paul Reubens’s character allowed the newly baptized Confederate general to cry.

12.  Worked with coiffures, that’s how one outcast worked.