Small but mighty

     We hosted another J!-watching Hangout tonight. This one was intended to be a dress rehearsal for a more formal one tomorrow night, devoted to 80s week of Battle of the Decades. We’re hoping to finally post that one to the blog, but no promises! In attendance tonight: me, Colby Burnett, David Kendall of jboard and Lee Ann Roberts. Colby had never done a Hangout before. (See, you can do it too!) Andy couldn’t make it, and neither could some of our regulars – we had to accommodate the guy who wanted to practice before appearing tomorrow night. Now, near as we can tell, he does have to be on Google+ to participate, something he’s not sure he wants to get into. (And I don’t blame him – I will never join Facebook.) Does anyone have any experience with this? You could tweet me or leave a comment on the blog’s Facebook page if you don’t want to leave a comment here.
     In any case I consider tonight a success, and maybe my favorite Hangout so far. We got to watch not only today’s episode but Monday’s of this week. Would you believe Colby had never seen these?! Colby played Chuck Forrest later, so it was fun to hear him talk about his BotD experience. Colby says there’s not much to the “behind-the-scenes” when it comes to Jeopardy!, but I beg to differ! 🙂 He’s got plenty to offer in the discussion. Since Colby hadn’t seen these, he answered out loud while we watched. I told him to level the playing field, he’s got to type his responses. He didn’t but indicated it wouldn’t be a problem.
     Colby plans to come tomorrow night, and as a matter of fact David and (maybe) Lee Ann do too. Andy and the other regulars I alluded to above will be back in action too, and one of those regulars is inviting a couple more BotD contestants. I can’t wait. These Hangouts just keep getting better.

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