Practically blogging standing up

     Join us at 7:30 Central for our live video discussion of last week’s episodes. We have two, maybe three of last week’s contestants scheduled, a future ToCer, a 4-, 3-, and 1-time champ, and of course Andy and me. There is a slim chance we’ll have a Battle of the Decades contestant too (one that we haven’t had). I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone. So if this doesn’t make you drool, tell me what will! (And I mean that!)
     Remember the clue last week about Steve Martin’s Born Standing Up? I’ve been looking for it ever since, at both my library’s e-catalog and traditional one and also on Google Play. I was shocked to find it today at the Crete Public Library, on a shelf where books were for sale for a dollar a bag. I filled two. 🙂
     I don’t see a list of this week’s contestants yet! On Friday, Matthew Price became a new champion, and he looked as happy about it as I was to see his reaction!

Heather Jarvis

Dave Childs

     When Trebek mentioned his mustache, I whipped my head up hoping he’d shaved it. No such luck. And uh oh, Heather speaks and chooses slowly. And lowly.
     I believe Dave swept One Short of an Egot, though nobody clapped. This bums me out (that he swept, that is) because I have to explain the category when I’m in a hurry to publish before tonight’s Hangout! Contestants had to say whether the person in the clue did not win a Grammy, Emmy, Tony or Oscar. At the first break:
Matthew -800
Dave 3200
Heather 1600
     Ooh, Dave says he has a boyfriend!!
     I swept At the Drugstore.
     There were 7 clues left when Trebek gave the less-than-a-minute warning. The next two clues didn’t help – a triple-stumper and a video clue. Oh, and Heather was choosing. She found the Daily Double in Heraldry.
Matthew 600 (2 right)
Dave 4800 (3 right)
Heather 5200 (5 right)
     She wagered just 800 on this clue: “Battles have been used in heraldry since at least the 18th century; this admiral’s coat of arms depicted the Battle of the Nile.” Heather got it wrong after taking a while, and I’d have been shocked if we saw any more clues. We didn’t.
     Matthew seemed to select his first clue really fast. He looked like he was having less fun from this point on. Dave found the first Daily Double in “D.C.”-ing You.
Matthew 3000 (3 right)
Dave 6400 (2 right)
Heather 8800 (3 right)
     Dave got this clue: “It’s the only capital-&-state combo that fits the category.” Dave lost 3000. I waited with bated breath when he started with “What is the…” “The”?
     Matthew found the next Daily Double in A Place Fit for a King.
Matthew 5000
Dave 3800
Heather 8800
     This was Matthew’s clue: “This Theban area includes Luxor & Karnak.” Matthew added 2000. Thank God we have no more Daily Doubles!
     It’s funny because I was trying to come up with this author too over the last couple days: “Whenever life gets too mundane, this author’s Walter Mitty creates his own fantasy.” See, I’m preparing for NaNoWriMo. Anybody else doing it? None of the contestants could remember either. The category was You’ve Got Character.
     We had 6 clues left at the minute warning, and 2 clues left covered.
Matthew 10200 (4 right)
Dave 4600 (2 right and one wrong)
Heather 16400 (5 right)
     The Final Jeopardy category was The Billboard Album Charts. This was the clue: “11 movie soundtrack albums by this performer hit the Billboard top 10, with 4 hitting No. 1.” Dave was right and doubled his score. Matthew was wrong and lost everything! 🙁 Heather was wrong and lost 4600. But she still wins.

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