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Andy here.

Hoping you enjoyed our Hangout last night!

This week’s contestants:
Sam Barker – Carlisle, PA (WHP)
Alex Champlin – Toronto, Ontario, Canada (YES-TV)
Shawn Choe – New York, NY (WABC)
Dan Ford – Cincinnati, OH (WXIX)
Sara Goodman – Huntington Woods, MI (WDIV)
Josh Hager – Raleigh, NC (WTVD)
Catherine Hardee – Kinston, NC (WITN)
Kate Horowitz – Washington, D.C. (WJLA)
Elisa Korb – Bethlehem, PA (WPVI)
Alan Lange – Sarasota, FL (WTSP)
Silvia Lesko – Denton, TX (KTXA)

Monday’s recap will have a slightly different tone.

Mostly because I think the show needs to have a bit more of a diverse writing staff. I’m not sure who was involved with the WHAT WOMEN WANT category or thought it was funny in 2014, but I didn’t find it amusing in the slightest.

As for Final:

Category: Agatha Christie

Clue: In the 400-page book “Agatha Christie A to Z”, entries beginning with this 6-letter word start with page 224 & end on 238.

Alan Lange 10400 – 3000 = 7400 (What is poison?)
Elisa Korb 13200 + 13200 = 16400
Catherine Hardee 18800 – 7601 = 11199 (What is Poirot?)

(For the record: I matched Catherine.)

As I said, I think there is something to be said for “poor performance following offering a tie” — I’m sure there’s probably enough Archive data to tell me, I just need to ask the right question to get the data that I want!

Jeanie will eventually have some fun stories from the Tournament of Champions; one of us will have a recap tomorrow!

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