Bordering misery

     So Terri Pous won her second episode yesterday. I like Terri, and I want to update this ToC list for my first time! By the way she’s agreed to come to our Hangout next week. Also confirmed so far: Tod Macofsky, David Kendall and Sports Jeopardy champ Alex DeFrank.


     Jason Washington’s and Emily Herndon’s pictures weren’t uploaded by the time I’m ready to publish, but I can add them later. I want to point out though, Emily’s hair was down in her Howdy and up on the show!
     My first bachelor’s was in communications but like the contestants, I was stumped on the first 2 clues we saw in Journalism Cliches. I did get this triple-stumper at the very last second. (Really, it was probably too late.) “A representative example; the first such youngster appeared in the 1930s.”
     Emily owns a bakery, and I could tell she knew some in Fruit & Nuts where Terri rang in first. Did you like how Emily said “Rock Lobster” on her first response? It surprised me! I don’t know that song, but I knew it wasn’t “Love Shack” like Jason guessed.
     At the first break:
Terri 2000 (7 right and one wrong)
Emily 2000 (3 right and one wrong)
Jason -1200 (One right and 2 wrong)
     How lucky for Terri that the Daily Double was in Bordering Missouri, and after seeing 4 of the clues?! She’d better wager it all. How many states border Missouri anyway? She wagered 2000 on this clue: “It has the smallest legislative branch in the nation, 49 senators.” I of course knew we had a unicameral (which Trebek mentioned before revealing the correct response) but not that we had 49 senators. Now I really want to know how many states border Missouri, but I can’t be bothered to look right now.
     I did know this triple-stumper, in You’re So Vain: “A vanity search is self-Googling, or this kind of surfing. “
     I went “Oh, come on you guys” on this last clue of the round in Named in the Bible & the Koran, but I think I responded “Jonas” (not out loud): “This reluctant prophet is Yunus.”
     At the end of the round:
Terri 3200 (5 right and one wrong)
Emily 3000 (2 right)
Jason -1000 (2 right and one wrong)
     Terri found the first Daily Double of Double Jeopardy in Grave New World. We’d only seen one other clue so far.
Terri 3600 (One right)
Emily 3000
Jason -1000
     Terri wagered on this clue: “He was entombed with his Gibson Les Paul in 1981 in Saint Ann, Jamaica.” She and I were right.
     Did you see Emily and Jason try to ring in before the sound effect was even played on this one in Movie Sound Effects? “Put ’em up; one of these contests is about to start.” The sound that followed was described by closed captioning as “bell clangs, crowd claps.” I didn’t like the neg bait on this one in the same category: “It’s a spooky night if we hear the sound of this ‘great’ raptor.” Jason, I feel sorry for. Not so much Emily, who guessed!
     Remember how yesterday I said I’ve been snapping to attention when I notice a clue’s gonna be a triple-stumper? That happened today, where I responded correctly after thinking about what I’d just heard: “In the 1520s this founder of the Jesuits was twice imprisoned by the Spanish Inquisition.” It happened again as Terri was trying to be more specific on this one in That Book Gave Me a Nightmare: “In ‘The Hungry Moon,’ horror stalks a town in England that practices the faith of these pre-Christian priests.”
     Oh, Jason. Did you see say “Close Encounter of the Third Kind” on this one in That Book Gave Me a Nightmare? “Bearing the name of a Catholic rite, it’s Whitley Strieber’s supposedly true account of his abduction by aliens.” No wonder he didn’t know the Jesuits clue! I guessed right on this one.
     Unlike yesterday, I thought Terri was much further ahead than she was toward the end of the round. She found the other Daily Double in You’re So Vein with 2 clues on the board after this one, and both of those were worth 400. Plus Trebek had warned we were almost out of time.
Terri 6000 (4 right and 2 wrong)
Emily 4200 (5 right and 3 wrong)
Jason 200 (5 right and 3 wrong)
     I’d have put the game out of reach here. (The clue was worth 800.) Terri wagered on this: “Ancient Egyptians and Romans believed in the Vena Amoris, a vein thought to run straight to the heart from this finger.” Terri got it. Had she but wagered more! It was the last clue we saw.
     The Final Jeopardy category was Novel Title Characters. This was the clue: “‘His madness being stronger than any other faculty,’ he ‘resolved to have himself dubbed a knight by the first person he met.'” And by the way this book is a must-try if you haven’t. It’s a delight. So in my mind, this comes down to wagering. I had to delete the other stuff I said when two people got this wrong! Did you?? Jason did! He didn’t lose anything though. Emily was right and added 3900. Terri…? She was wrong!! She lost 1401. D’oh, I don’t get to update the ToC list! Like I said, if only Terri had wagered more on her Vein Daily Double. Good episode today though.

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