Guy Smily

     First, here’s tonight’s Hangout in case you missed it.
     Second, look what I saw in the Lincoln Journal Star this weekend:

     The guy on the far left jumped out at me (figuratively speaking). Do you remember him too? Hey, he is a dueling pianist according to the archive. I only noticed that now. And from Connecticut! I probably got way too excited about this.
     This week’s contestants:
Angela Chuang
Mike Harwood
Sam Heft-Luthy
Matthew LaMagna
Ali Palmer
Amy Thon
Elizabeth Webster
Deb Williams
     And today:

Emma King
Alexander Persaud
Frederick Foster

     Alexander won his first episode last time.
     Does It’s Time for a Flat Circle have some meaning I don’t know about?
     The extra-cheerful Frederick found the Daily Double of the round in Letters from Writers:
Alexander 0
Frederick 200 (One right)
Emma 800 (3 right)
     Frederick wagered 1000 on this easy clue: “To F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1925: ‘We are going in to Pamplona tomorrow. Been trout fishing here.'” Frederick got it.
     At the first break:
Alexander 600 (One right and one wrong)
Frederick 1400 (One right and 2 wrong)
Emma 3600 (5 right and one wrong)
     Naturally I swept Country Music, but what’s unnatural is these two being triple-stumpers:

  • “Many a country singer got his start at Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe, including this ‘Friends in Low Places’ superstar.” Emma said George Strait!
  • “‘Don’t Think I Don’t Think about It’ was a big country hit for this former lead singer of Hootie & the Blowfish.”
  • “She’s not only been a mentor to Kelly Clarkson — in 2013, she became Kelly’s mother-in-law.”
     At the end of the round, we still didn’t see 3 clues.
Alexander 3800 (4 right)
Frederick 3400 (4 right)
Emma 5000 (4 right and one wrong)
     Emma made the mistake of going to The Balkans (though we probably would’ve gotten there eventually). Alexander negged on the first one (as did Frederick), but Alexander got the rest of ’em, opening up a huge lead. 
     A still-happy Frederick got the first Daily Double of the round, in A “B” in American History.
Alexander 10200 (6 right and one wrong)
Frederick 4600 (2 right and one wrong)
Emma 6200 (2 right)
     Frederick wagered everything on this clue: “A governor’s failure to stop Indian raids prompted this 1676 rebellion led by a Virginia planter.” Frederick and I didn’t know. 🙁 It looked like tape stopped there but I don’t know why.
     Emma found the next Daily Double in Contranyms
Alexander 17400 (6 right and one wrong)
Frederick 2000 (2 right)
Emma 9400 (3 right) 
     I’d been sweeping the category, so I might’ve wagered it all. Emma wagered 5000 on this clue: “To ask for professional advice, or to give it.” This was tough, and she didn’t come up with it either. We had 5 clues left, and 2 were left covered at the end of the round. I wonder if anyone would’ve picked up the correct response on the last clue, after Emma negged on it. Alex ruled her right at first, and the end of the round buzzer sounded.
Alexander 17400
Frederick 4000 (One right)
Emma 3200 (One right and one wrong)
     The Final Jeopardy category today was the wide Literature. This was the clue: “A chapter heading in this 19th century work calls the title character ‘one-eyed, lame,’ another calls him ‘deaf.'” Emma was wrong, and she lost 3199. Frederick was right and he added 3000. Alexander was right and added 2600. We’ll see him tomorrow!

     My Coryat today was 18400 (22200 without negs).

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