Down through Chimney Rock with good St. Nick

     This week’s contestants:
Becca Allred
Brian Hamilton
Bert Ifill
Heather Seal-Breslin
Carly Shevinsky
Amy Williamson
Vaughn Winchell
Jason Zbanek
     And today:

Melissa Applebee
Allison Fraser

Avishai Gebler

     What do you guys think of the story I link to in Melissa’s caption?
     Yesterday Allison won for the second time. I see this is our first recap with her! Good thing because, of course, she might join the ToC list today.
     Of course I facepalmed over this triple-stumper in Panhandle States: “Chimney Rock, a landmark on the Oregon Trail, is located on the North Platte river in this state’s panhandle.”
     Allison found the Daily Double of the round in Nobel Prize-Winning Authors.
Allison 1200 (4 right and one wrong)
Avishai 4200 (6 right)
Melissa -400 (One right and one wrong)
     Allison wagered it all on this brainless clue: “This woman is truly ‘Beloved,’ winning a Pulitzer in 1988 & a Nobel in 1993.” She got it. At the first break:
Allison 3200 (One right)
Avishai 4200
Melissa 600 (One right)
     I crushed this Jeopardy round, sweeping 3 categories, going I believe 25/30 with no negs. At the end of it:
Allison 5800 (5 right and 2 wrong)
Avishai 6200 (5 right and one wrong)
Melissa 3200 (5 right)
     The first clue of Double Jeopardy was a triple-stumper, but the next one was a Daily Double, which belonged to Melissa then. She wagered 1000 on this clue in The 1920s: “In 2012 the top 1% of earners had their biggest share of U.S. household income since this year just before a crash.” She was right.
     Allison found the next Daily Double in National Parks of the World.
Allison 13800 (7 right)
Avishai 10200 (5 right)
Melissa 9000 (3 right)
     Allison wagered 2000 on this clue: “A Tanzanian national park on this plain features grassland & migrating antelope & zebras.” She got it right.
     There were 5 clues left when we got the less-than-a-minute warning. I got this triple-stumper in Earth Science before the round was over: “If a mineral is scratched by topaz but not quartz, its hardness lies between 7 & 8 on this scale.” At the end of the round:
Allison 19400 (3 right)
Avishai 12600 (2 right)
Melissa 9800 (Two right)
     The Final Jeopardy category is Word Origins. This is the clue: “In the mid-1960s, a decade after it first appeared in a holiday tale, this word came to be used for any mean killjoy.” Come on. I’m shocked that anyone got this wrong, but Melissa did. She lost 9601. Avishai was right of course and he added 12600! Allison was wrong!! She lost 5900. Avishai is the new winner.
     My Coryat yesterday was 10400 (16600 without negs). My Coryat today was 21400 (23000 without negs).

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