Get on up

     Here is tonight’s fun Hangout, in case you missed it! I notice I like the Hangout more, the more I participate. 🙂 One of these days my image will appear in the still image! I only regret that I’m getting my hair done tomorrow and not today.
     I got an e-mail today from the Game Show Network about a “Game Show Flashback” show, and the image included a couple of Jeopardy! lecterns. When I checked to see what tier GSN is on, I found out it isn’t extra at all. I don’t know how long I’ve been getting it, but it looks like I haven’t missed any Jeopardy! on it. I’m recording the Flashback show. Did you guys watch it?
     Today’s contestants:

Josh Vittor
Alysha Rooks

Jean Parker

     I’m so pleased that there’s a contestant named Jean today! And then Picture the Politician! Rooks started there! I got this triple-stumper in the category: “Class president and prom king, he doesn’t look much different today than he did in high school.”

     He has better hair then! Rooks negged on this. Oh, and I have to get off the couch again to take a picture for this triple-stumper I got: “He’s the late House Speaker speaking to reporters here.”

     “Trent Lott,” Jean?! And do I really have to get up again to take a picture of this triple-stumper I got in Ernie?!: “Cartoonist Ernie Bushmiller created this mischievous young girl.”

     Trebek is as surprised as I am that these are being missed. At least I didn’t have to get up for this triple-stumper I got in “Bert”: “This long word for a frivolously chatty woman dates back to the 1500s.” Apparently they haven’t seen “The Sound of Music.”

     This was the last clue before the first break.
Rooks 3400 (7 right and one wrong)
Jean 200 (2 right and one wrong)
Josh 600 (2 right)
     I doubt you’ll see either Trebek with a lizard on his shoulder or Trebek’s hair getting almost touched again anytime soon.
     Rooks found the Daily Double of the round in Name the Decade. Categories like these tend to be tricky!
Rooks 4000 (2 right and one wrong)
Jean 600 (2 right)
Josh 200 (One wrong)
     Even Rooks said “This could go a lot of ways” before wagering 1000 on this clue: “The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is created.” She was right!
     I thought my getting-up clues were over, but then I got this triple-stumper in Body of Evidence: “Riding shotgun on the kidneys, these glands weigh barely 5 grams each but produce vital hormones.”

     At the end of the round:
Rooks 6200 (2 right)
Jean 3000 (4 right and one wrong)
Josh -800 (2 right and 3 wrong)
     Ooh, these Double Jeopardy categories! Mr. Trebek was right; it’s a good selection!
     Josh came out swinging and got the first 3 clues right in Element Symbol Fun?! The next two were triple-stumpers I doubt very much anyone got. I did get this triple-stumper in The Movie Man: “John Wayne returns to Ireland: ‘The _____ Man.'”
     Andy threw this word around in our Hangout tonight, but I’d have gotten it anyway, in Getting Lucky Words: “How unexpected & lovely to find this 13-letter adjective that describes such a situation!”
     Josh found a Daily Double, in Historical Fiction!
Rooks 8200 (3 right)
Jean 3400 (One right)
Josh 2400 (5 right and 2 wrong)
     Josh wagered on this clue: “14-year-old Mary catches the eye of Henry VIII, but her sister Anne is soon favored by him in this novel by Philippa Gregory.” Boo, Josh was wrong!! All that work he had done. Then he negged on the next one.
     Like in the Jeopardy round, Trebek gave the less-than-a-minute warning with 6 clues left. Josh got out of the hole on the last one! He drew a laugh from the audience when he slunk down on his lectern. He looked a little like Bob Harris then!
Rooks 11400 (2 right)
Jean 3800 (One right and one wrong)
Josh 400 (3 right and one wrong)
     The Final Jeopardy category was South America. This was the clue: “In 2004 the dollar replaced the guilder as the monetary unit of this country.” Josh was wrong and lost 325. Jean was wrong but she didn’t wager anything. Rooks and I were right. She added 12. Yes, 12. We’ll see her tomorrow!
     I did not track my Coryat today. But I should have, yeah?

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