Rooks and done

     So yesterday Rooks won her second episode. Here she is again today, then.
     Andy knew one of these contestants from being on the same quiz bowl circuit:

Kurt Fritzche
Alysha Rooks
Anne Hand

     And that would be Anne.    
     We didn’t have near the “stand-and-stares” we did yesterday. The first break seemed to come very quickly, at least the second time through. I did warn Andy I didn’t have much to say today! Tonight the big project will be finding contestants for our next Hangout. I already know of a couple things I can try. I also want to watch this week’s Sports Jeopardy.
Rooks 2800 (4 right)
Anne 4200 (7 right)
Kurt 2000 (4 right)
     Anne found the Daily Double of the round in City by Statue.
Rooks 2800
Anne 5200 (2 right)
Kurt 2000
     She wagered 3000 on this clue: “The Bronze Fonz.” I guessed this instantly, but Anne was wrong and didn’t seem to know the connection after the response was revealed.
     I notice Kurt sure enunciates: “Twen-ty/Twen-ty,” “U.V.,” “La Nin-yah,” “stainless steel,” “Nay-der.” And there were more in Double Jeopardy! I didn’t notice it the first time through!
     When I saw the DeLorean in the video clue, I hoped that was the response they were looking for! (Sorry, after yesterday I do not want to get up and take a picture!) Then “Back to the Future.” No such luck. Did you guys know “gull wing doors”? Nobody picked it up even after Kurt said “seagull” doors. This was the last clue of the round.
Rooks 3600 (2 right)
Anne 2600 (One right)
Kurt 4800 (5 right and one wrong)
     Anne found the first Daily Double of the round in What a Coup!
Rooks 3600
Anne 3800 (2 right)
Kurt 4800
     She wagered 3000 on this clue: “In 1968 this Arab Nationalist party sent the old government in Iraq to the showers.” She was right!
     I swept Platinum Bands! Hooray!
     I do have to say I saw this in a crossword puzzle the other day, in The Title Who…. I didn’t know it then or now, but I’m reading this book in the hopes it’ll do me some good. The clue: “Oliver Sacks: ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a….'”
     Rooks found the next Daily Double in Philosophy. I think there was one clue on the board after this.
Rooks 9600 (5 right)
Anne 14800 (7 right)
Kurt 13600 (9 right and one wrong)
     See; not as many triple-stumpers! Rooks wagered on this clue: “Metaphysics is often divided into 2 areas: ontology, the study of being, & this, the study of the physical universe.” Is it just me or did she look like she was waiting for time to run out when she didn’t know? It took a while but it finally did. The last clue was a triple-stumper.
     The Final Jeopardy category was The AFI’s 100 Greatest Films. This was the clue: “One of the top 20, this 1946 film was based on a short story published as ‘The Man Who Was Never Born.” It was a triple-stumper! Rooks lost 5000, Kurt lost 399 and Anne lost 13601. We see Kurt tomorrow then, for another lesson in speech. 😉
     I really really thought Rooks was going to last a long while. My Coryat today was 22200 (23600 without negs).

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