TJF celebrates 1000 posts

     Sort of gives you the willies, right? Instead of going on about how much satisfaction and joy this blog has given me, I present the most-viewed posts of 2014. Maybe I’ll save the sap for our 5-year anniversary in February.
     I’m surprised none of the top 10 are Hangouts! I think only one came from a Julia Collins episode, and only one came from the Battle of the Decades, which took me to L.A. three times. It looks like 9 of these posts are also the most-viewed of all time. Which means this was a huge year for us. The fact that a handful of these are from October makes sense, as Andy and I got paid for the first time shortly thereafter.
     Thank you Andy for compiling this, and without me even asking! Enjoy, readers!

10. Faux no they didn’t (October 7th)

9. Dan’s on a roll (October 13th)
6. Teleflubbies (October 22nd)
5. Get on up (December 16th)
3. It’s a no Bo (March 27th)
2. Speechless (October 6th)
1. Ken Drops the Mic (April 4th)