The final account down

     So last week I said I’d explain the reference in that post’s title. It comes from this blogger‘s “Sports will make you smarter.”
     When Andy and I started doing Hangouts last fall, I toyed with the idea of only doing those and no recaps. I asked Andy about it again last night, and this time he’s on board. So this is the last regular recap from us! I will still track my Coryats and post my scores in comments on the Hangouts. By the way, our next one is Sunday at 5:30 Central. I have my work cut out for me to tonight to find guests.
     Yesterday on the show, Kristin Sausville won in her debut. I got to meet Kristin and her ToCer husband Justin at the National History Bowl a couple years back. She’s always been really good to me, including when I was on the show myself. Congratulations, Kristin!

Stephanie Hull

Brad King

     Kristin found the Daily Double of the round in Presidential Secrets.
Kristin 1400 (3 right)
Brad 0
Stephanie 600 (One right)
     Kristin wagered everything on this clue: “In the last year of his presidency in 1844, he secretly married a woman 30 years younger.” She was wrong. 🙁
     At the first break:
Kristin 1600 (3 right)
Brad 1000 (One right)
Stephanie 1600 (3 right)
     The fact that this was a triple-stumper drew a “Wow!” from me. In Team of the World Series MVP: “1988: Orel Hershiser, though one swing could’ve done it for Kirk Gibson, too.”
     I wouldn’t have minded seeing all of those baseball clues. At the end of the round:
Kristin 4400 (6 right)
Brad 2600 (4 right and one wrong)
Stephanie 3200 (3 right and one wrong)
     Kristin found the next Daily Double too, in Zodiac Constellations. The first clue in the category was a video, but this doesn’t appear to be one!
Kristin 5200 (2 right)
Brad 3000 (One right)
Stephanie 4000 (One right)
     Kristin wagered 2400 on this clue: “This constellation is where you’ll find the sun as spring begins in the Northern hemisphere.” She was wrong. 🙁 She stayed in the category!
     Kristin’s opponents kept negging on triple-stumpers. I was beginning to wonder what would happen if she was the only one in the black at the end of Double Jeopardy. Then Stephanie blew my mind when she rang in on a 2000 clue without knowing the answer, immediately after climbing a mountain to get out the hole!
     Oh my my my. Brad found the next Daily Double, in Lyricists.
Kristin 9200 (6 right)
Brad -1000 (One right and 3 wrong)
Stephanie -1200 (2 right and 4 wrong)
     I might’ve wagered 1100, but Brad wagered 2000 on this clue: “Oscar Hammerstein II & this other great partner of Richard Rodgers were classmates at Columbia.” Sigh of relief. Thank God, he got it.
     Huh, here’s another surprising triple-stumper in Phineas & Ferber: “This 1924 Ferber novel about a widow managing a farm & a son was just huge, winning a Pulitzer.” All 3 contestants negged on it!
     What a way to end our recaps. I did not know this was gonna happen when I decided that.
Kristin 8400 (One right and one wrong)
Brad -200 (One right and one wrong)
Stephanie -6800 (One right and only 3 wrong??)
     My heart’s pounding. They had Final Jeopardy anyway! The category is The U.S. Government. Here’s the clue: “On Aug. 15, 1994, 59 years & 1 day after FDR signed the original act, Bill Clinton made this an independent agency.” Kristin was wrong and wagered 1600. Hmm, she wins! Kristin’s opponents were brought back on stage for the chat.

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