#JeopardyLivePanel #TournamentOfPanelists Information!


If you’ve been following the panel recently, you’ll know we announced a Tournament of Panelists, starting next week! Everybody who has been on at least one panel in our first season is eligible to take part!

By popular demand, I’ve decided that we should be able to fit everyone who wants to return to the tournament onto a panel! However, this does mean that we’ll have to figure out who wants to return!

If you’ve been on a panel, whether you wish to participate or not, we’d like to ask you to go to the following Google form and fill it out; ideally by August 23, 2015:

http://goo.gl/forms/4358JfGBVF (Google account & login required, as we’ll be using Hangouts to tape the Live Panels)

Once we determine who wants to take part, we’ll contact everyone again with the exact format! (If we have more than 7, there will be 2 rounds; more than 21 people will require 3 rounds of panels)

By the end of today, each person who has appeared on a Panel should be contacted somehow as well!