#JeopardyLivePanel Season 2 Episode 3 (October 4, 2015 8 PM EDT)

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This week’s panel:
Vicki Eastus
Jeanie Kenkel
Jennifer Morrow
Andy Saunders

     This week’s contestants:
Amanda Brock – Champaign, IL – (WAND)
Alison Burke – Brooklyn, NY – (WABC)
Ernestine Gardner – South Bend, IN – (WSBT)
Matt Jackson – Washington, DC – (WJLA)
John Kozempel – Philadelphia, PA – (WPVI)
Erik Latshaw – Los Angeles, CA – (KABC)
Sameer Rawal – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – (YESTV)
Emily Rollman – Shawneetown, IL – (WPSD)
Ben Rudd – Minneola, FL – (WFTV)
Susan Thurman – Tucker, GA – (WXIA)
Elicia Woerle – Los Angeles, CA – (KABC)

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