Quick Recap – October 19, 2015

Today’s contestants:

Dean Meyer from Winder, Georgia
Martin Schmidt from Media, Pennsylvania
Josh Silverman, from Miami, Florida (returning champ)

     This week’s other contestants:
Robert Arrowood
Alison Saunders
Dennis Golin
Kelly Winck
Philip Clark
Jennifer Robinson
Becky Sullivan
Sean Anderson

Final Jeopardy category: Today’s International Film Stars. I actually feel good about this one. After I’d typed that, Trebek asked if it sounded like a hard category!

Final Jeopardy clue: “The first 2 Spanish actors to win acting Academy Awards, they got married soon after they both had won.” Yep, I got this.

Josh 8400 – 4601 = 3799 🙁
Martin 9200 – 6601 = 2599
Dean 15700 + 3000 = 18700

I didn’t track my Coryat today.

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(contestant photo credit: jeopardy.com)

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