Quick Recap – October 22, 2015

Today’s contestants:

Jennifer Robinson, a manufacturing technician from Windham, ME
Philip Clark, a high school librarian from Falls Church, VA
Dennis Golin, a video editor from New York, NY(1-day champ, $31,999)

     Okay, there must be a joke to the way Dennis selected “the herb, Alex”?

Final Jeopardy category: The Civil War

Final Jeopardy clue: “There were about 900 casualties in the 1862 battle of Secessionville, fought in this state.”

Dennis 14100 + 13000 = 27100 (winner)

Philip 12000 + 8000 = 20000
Jennifer 13000 + 13000 =26000

I didn’t track my Coryat today.

(contestant photo credit: jeopardy.com)

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