Quick Recap – November 13, 2015

Our #JeopardyLivePanel Quarterfinal Review & Semifinal Preview will be taking place tomorrow night at 9:15 PM! Joining us, among others, are scheduled to be Dan Feitel and Kristin Sausville!

Meanwhile, there has been a lot of stumping to get Elliot onto the Clue Crew. To be honest, I like the idea, but won’t someone think of my eligibility? 🙂

Today’s contestants:
Michael Bilow
Scott Lord
Alex Jacob

It was a pretty heavy day out in the world, to say the least. Obviously, some people still feel they need their half-hour escape, leading to situations like this one:

It’s not easy working at a TV station today!

Meanwhile, the opening, with J! leaving in comments about “the greys and the blacks” (referring to hair), led to the following:

The FALLING OFF A LOG category was an all-insect video category. I’m with Keith on this one:

Michael’s shot at a True Daily Double early on in Double Jeopardy didn’t quite pan out for him – but I, for one, applaud his aggression!

Scores going into Final Jeopardy!:
Alex $26,800
Scott $10,200
Michael $8,400

Final Jeopardy! category: GREEK MYTHOLOGY

Final Jeopardy! clue: Famous mother of Pyrrha, who survived the great flood and with her husband repopulated the earth

Michael 8400 – 8400 = 0 (Thisbe)
Scott 10200 – 4000 = 6200 (Demeter)
Alex 26800 – 143 = 26657 (Gaea)

Wild card standings:
M: Catherine Hardee
T: Brennan Bushee
W: Matt Jackson
Th: Kerry Greene
F: Alex Jacob
1. Andrew Haringer $19,400
2. Vaughn Winchell $16,599
3. John Schultz $15,000
4. Dan Feitel $14,000

5. Kristin Sausville $12,800
6. Greg Seroka $11,500
7. Elliot Yates $7,200
8. Scott Lord $6,400
9. Jennifer Giles $3,800
10. Michael Bilow $0

More thoughts: It appears as though, for the quarterfinals, the writers might have gone slightly easier than normal ToC level for the main games, but slightly harder than normal for Final Jeopardy. There wasn’t a significant amount of movement in Final Jeopardy this week; I’m guessing that was because most players were above their wildcard threshold. For some, that worked. For others, it didn’t.

But we have ourselves 9 semifinalists! Tune into the Live Panel on November 14 at 9:15 PM Eastern, and then catch the semifinals starting on Monday!

(contestant photo credit: jeopardy.com)

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