#JeopardyLivePanel Season 2 Episode 16b (Dec. 27 2015 7pm ET)

Our Week In Review panel – use #JeopardyLivePanel on Twitter to interact with the panel!

The link below will go live at 7:00 PM Eastern!

Panelists: Jason Keller, Markus Kolic, Liz Quesnelle, and Keith Williams.

Scheduled discussions:
Well-Wishes to Alex
Was there more camaraderie this week?
This Week In Jeopardy History
What’s it like airing during a holiday?
Mean Tweets!

Use the hashtag #JeopardyLivePanel if you’d like to suggest something for the panel!

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  1. Mark W Cassidy | December 28, 2015 at 5:30 pm |

    Pop so called music , how come so much ? Why not more Gershwin , Porter you know real music . I think because the show is so popular if you classed up the “pop” it might help the country as a whole ? I mean every body digs the show , we don’t need more so called junk TV .

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