What To Expect: Geek Bowl

Hey, everyone! One thing I’ve started to get a bit of here at The Jeopardy! Fan is “What can I expect when I go to a certain event?” Because there are many events around North America — or the world, even — that I’ve yet to attend, I’ve started the “What To Expect” series, where someone with a great deal more expertise than I do regarding an event explains what to expect for a first-time attendee!

My first entry in the series: Geeks Who Drink’s “Geek Bowl”, contributed by Christopher Short, Season 27 6-time champion and Geeks Who Drink’s Chief Editor!

What To Expect: Geek Bowl

Hitting its 10th iteration in 2016, Geek Bowl has grown from a modest annual championship for a small pub quiz company, to a huge traveling carnival of trivia and debauchery. You can expect three solid hours of song and spectacle, five-digit numbers in cash prizes, and some of the cleverest, crassest trivia material ever devised by a Jeopardy superchamp and his band of… let’s call them geeks who drink, for lack of a better term.

Geek Bowl X is in Denver, featuring emcee Eugene Mirman (Bob’s Burgers, Flight of the Conchords), and music by Metalachi (exactly what they sound like).

What are the questions like?

If you’ve been to a regular Geeks Who Drink quiz, you know it’s heavy on trash. Geek Bowl tends to be slightly tougher and more academic, but there’s still a lot of trash. Maybe leave your team’s geophysics specialist at home, unless she’s also up on her Nicktoons. Format-wise, there are roughly 70 questions divided up into eight sets, including two video/visual rounds and a music round performed by a live band.

What do I need?

A team of six players. That is, tickets are available only in sets of six, so you’ll need to either recruit a team or glom onto someone else’s (spectator tickets are available too, if you’re feeling especially shy). The city changes every year, so probably you’ll want a suitcase or something. Don’t forget your booze money!

How can I find out more?

Visit geekswhodrink.com, or follow GWD on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. The closeness of TCONA to my birthday has me feeling Vegas… except that I cringe at the thought of the high heat of Vegas in August!

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