onewayness (Adam Holquist) at Silence Guelph, April 30, 2016

Longtime readers of The Jeopardy Fan will probably remember Adam Holquist; he won three games during Season 29, and even did a Q&A with us (back when they were a thing, and we didn’t have #JeopardyLivePanel!). Adam played my hometown of Guelph earlier this evening as onewayness, and I headed to Silence Guelph to check him out!

For those unaware of Adam’s onewayness project, I’d say it’s best described as an improvisational experimental electronic ambient sound. He’s a one-man act here, playing keyboard, console guitar, spoken word samples, synthesizers, and more, all with a video projected behind him.

It was a sound that was definitely enhanced by the atmosphere provided at Silence, in addition to the draft kombucha that Silence is able to provide on tap.

Adam played a pair of 45 minute sets; I found them both to be both very relaxing and enjoyable. A number of times, memories were brought back of the times where I would give Billy Idol’s “Cyberpunk” album a listen. You could definitely feel that you were listening to works of art being constructed in front of you.

The second (and final) show on Adam’s mini-tour is Sunday, May 1 (starting at 8pm) at Handlebar (159 Augusta Ave. in Toronto). (The link is to the Facebook event.) – Adam tells me he is playing second at Handlebar.


Photographs from Silence Guelph, April 30, 2016:

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