2016 Teacher’s Tournament – Finals Preview (May 12-13, 2016)

Here are your three finalists:

Finals: May 12-13, 2016
Kaberi Chakrabarty
Bilingual teacher, Sator Sanchez Elementary School
Joliet, IL
Jill Gilbert
English teacher, Central Academy Magnet School
Des Moines, IA
Jason Sterlacci
English teacher, Burnet Middle School
Somerset, NJ


Counting Stats:
Kaberi 23,600 Coryat; 24 correct, 2 incorrect, 6 rebounds
Jill 30,400 Coryat; 38 correct, 3 incorrect, 5 rebounds
Jason 37,000 Coryat; 50 correct, 5 incorrect, 5 rebounds

Buzzer Stats:
Kaberi 14.41%
Jill 28.57%
Jason 42.11%
(Tournament average 29.86%)

Daily Doubles & Final Jeopardy:
Kaberi 3/3 DDs (avg. wager 52.23% of score), FJs 2/2. Average 3rd DD clue 28
Jill 2/2 DDs (avg. wager 14.91% of score), FJs 1/2. Average 3rd DD clue 25.5
Jason 1/2 DDs (avg. wager 11.76% of score), FJs 1/2. Average 3rd DD clue 27

Andy’s Thoughts: It is obvious that thus far through the tournament, that Jason has figured out the timing of the signaling device. However, Kaberi’s and Jill’s appearances in the finals are no fluke, either. Both have proven to be very capable players, and both Kaberi and Jill have proven to be very strong in picking up rebounds. If Jason can continue dominating the signaling device, he will be the favorite to win — assuming he can keep giving correct responses.

However, the Daily Doubles will be the big X-factor. This tournament has left those Daily Doubles very late in the game, which means that absolutely anything can happen. If Kaberi gets the opportunity, she has proven that she is able to make large bets and vault herself into a very strong position with them. (As an aside: I had no issue with Kaberi’s bet on the final Daily Double in the semifinal. A correct response moved her from a three-quarters to a crush game, while an incorrect response kept her within two-thirds of Peter.)

My conclusion: If Jason can keep to under four incorrect responses total throughout the finals and play at least four of the six Daily Doubles, we may see a lock tournament out of him. If not? Well, it’s anybody’s game!

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