RIP Muhammad Ali (#ThrowbackThursday to July 7, 2006)

In case you have not heard, Muhammad Ali passed away at the age of 74. Being one of the greatest athletes of all time, and a person who transcended sports, it should come as absolutely no surprise that he has been the subject of multiple Jeopardy! categories.

One of those categories ran on July 7, 2006. If you click on each clue, it will show the respective correct response.


$200 In ʼ74 in Zaire, Ali KOʼd this heavy hitter, long before he started selling us BBQ equipment

Who is George Foreman?


$400 Ali TKOʼd this Philly man who had a smokinʼ left hook after the 14th round in the "Thrilla in Manila"

who is Joe Frazier?


$600 Ali "shocked the world" in ʼ64 with his TKO upset of this champ, who died mysteriously in Vegas in 1970

Who is Sonny Liston?


$800 There were fewer teeth than usual for Ali to knock out when he decisioned this man in ʼ78 to regain the title

Who is Leon Spinks?


$1000 This man whose son played LB for the 49ers broke Aliʼs jaw in the 12th round (or possibly the first) of their ʼ73 fight

Who is Ken Norton?


The full episode is available over at J! Archive.

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