What To Expect? Editorial Guidelines For Reviews

At thejeopardyfan.com, we’re going to resurrecting our “What To Expect?” series, with reviews of various trivia events of interest to Jeopardy! fans and trivia players throughout North America.

Mostly, these reviews will be of local pub quizzes, but we will not be limiting the series to those.

In order to maintain some sort of editorial quality to the reviews, and ensure that they are not written by disgruntled customers with axes to grind, they will not be able to be contributed by just anyone. (I like to be cognizant of the fact that The Jeopardy! Fan has significant Internet reach and don’t want to publish undeserved reviews.)

Here are my editorial guidelines for reviews:

1) A review must be contributed by a person who is either a former Jeopardy! contestant or former #JeopardyLivePanel panelist;
2) TJF will make every effort to disclose pertinent affiliations when publishing reviews;
3) The reviewer must base their review upon two separate visits to the venue (so that the review is not based upon a single, possibly aberrant, visit.).

I hope that you’ll be able to enjoy the contributed reviews and find this part of the website to be useful! I know I’m looking forward to it!

If you’re interested in contributing a review within the above guidelines? Let me know! (My email address is in the “About TJF” page).

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