Pre-Empted Clues – October 28, 2016

On the October 28, 2016 episode, the second segment was pre-empted in many markets due to breaking news.

Here are the clues:

INITIALITERATURE $400: “T.P.A.T.P” by Mark Twain
Meghan: What is “The Prince and the Pauper”?

INITIALITERATURE $600: “B.D.” by Stephenie Meyer:
Julia: What is “Breaking Dawn”?

GARDEN PARTY $600: Here’s one artist’s rendering of this ancient wonder


Meghan: What is the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?

GARDEN PARTY $800: Though the palace was destroyed in 1871, this Parisian garden remains a beloved historical landmark
Meghan: What are the Tuileries?

GARDEN PARTY $1000: Seen here, his water garden was a constant source of inspiration


Julia: Who is (Claude) Monet?

INITIALITERATURE $800: “T.S.A.R.” by Ernest Hemingway
Julia: What is “The Sun Also Rises”?

INITIALITERATURE $1000: “T.P.P.” by Charles Dickens
Meghan: What are “The Pickwick Papers”?

MASTERS OF SOCKS $600: This diamond-shaped pattern named for Scottish clan’s tartan is popular for socks


Ken: What is argyle?

MASTERS OF SOCKS $800: Sometimes held in a gym, it’s a shoeless school dance
Julia: What is a sock hop?

MASTERS OF SOCKS $1000: Tabi and flip-flop socks have this unique feature
Meghan: What is a toe? What is a big toe?
(accepted, “separated big toe”)

FORE! $200: Despite the name, these clubs used for long shots, like the drive, are now usually made of metal or composite
Meghan: What are woods?

FORE! $400: It’s the only one of golf’s Grand Slam tournaments that’s held at the same course every year
Julia: What is Pebble Beach?
Ken: What is the Masters?

FORE! $600: A golfer marks a scorecard with 2 numbers per hold if he has one of these, such as 20
(Triple stumper: What is a handicap?)

FORE! $800: This biennial cup has pitted Europe’s top golfers against America’s best since 1927
(Triple stumper: What is the Ryder Cup?)

FORE! $1000: With 5 wins in 27 tournaments, this American was the top-ranked men’s golfer of 2015
Ken: Who is Els?
Julia: Who is Spieth? Jordan Spieth?

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  1. Sorry, I was lucky I even got to watch the second half of tonight’s show.

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