Brandon Randall’s Thoughts: Game 1

A bit of a blast from the past here on The Jeopardy! Fan. We used to do this a little bit more often, but it had fallen by the wayside a little bit. However, when past contributor Brandon Randall got the opportunity to be a contestant, it became the perfect chance to get him to share his contestant thoughts with you in a series of posts!

Here are Brandon’s thoughts from yesterday’s game!

Wow. It was incredibly surreal watching myself on TV, but seeing it helped things feel more real, if that makes sense. A few details that come to mind about the immensely exhilarating experience of playing my first game of “Jeopardy!”:

  • When they called me up in the first group, I was trying to scarf down a Nature Valley oat and honey bar. I never got to finish the bar before I went out on stage. (The things you remember…) They really get you out there quickly, but the session with Maggie and the other contestant coordinators is pretty substantial, so it works out. In the practice game, I remember getting the chance to make a true Daily Double (with a 5-figure score to boot, as they keep the scoreboards rolling as contestants switch in and out), and having the pleasure of getting it right.
  • Elisabeth’s dominance throughout the game was fairly easy for me to recall afterwards — I particularly remembered her substantial knowledge of French literature and nailing the Daily Double in that category. It was harder to remember how Pat ended up tied with her at $20,000, even though he was a more than formidable opponent. Watching the game, that made sense: he had a huge and remarkably fast comeback. Both of them were impressive players, and I feel like if things had been even a little bit different, either of them could have easily won. I feel like it worked out that they got the Daily Doubles, as I wasn’t particularly confident that I would have gotten any of them right.
  • I was sad not being able to get in on chiles rellenos and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” I’m fluent in Spanish and I wanted to get the clue in Spanish right, and I’m an avid Beatles fan and know that song fairly well. I was a bit disappointed when Pat was able to correct himself on the latter clue — for a second, I thought I’d have my chance to buzz in.
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  • Even though it went with my interview segment, I completely forgot that I answered the cattle-related clue correctly, and had a major “I knew that?” moment when watching the broadcast. Speaking of that interview segment, a bit was edited out. from what I remember, I was able to respond that I had hugged a cow, her name was Heidi, and Alex even made a funny callback to that after Pat’s interview segment, plus he joked for them to bring out 3 new contestants because we were all so weird. Corina, the contestant coordinator, was also incredibly surprised he picked that story (she said afterwards she’s rarely if ever wrong on which one he’ll go for). She had another one highlighted for him to choose, one that you’ll see tomorrow.
  • Me being a huge fan of “Parks and Recreation” and “The West Wing,” there was no way I was going to miss that Rob Lowe clue, even though it didn’t mention either of those shows.
  • I have never seen a Sofia Coppola movie, but back when I used to read movie reviews in the newspaper for fun, a review of “Lost In Translation” caught my eye and from then on, I’ve been intrigued by her work, so her name came to mind fairly quickly. That said, I wasn’t sure at all that it was right: I remembered that Sofia had been in “The Godfather Part III” (I have not seen any of the “Godfather” movies, by the way), and didn’t recall hearing that she was in the first film. (It turns out she had a cameo in the second as well.) Plus I knew she had lost the Oscar for Best Director, and didn’t remember what other Oscar she would have won. (It turns out she won for Best Original Screenplay.) Thus my pleasant surprise when Alex said I was right. His comment about “she had an in with the director” helped me feel a lot more confident.
  • In the credits chat afterwards, Alex commented on it was funny how I burst out of the gate a bit at the beginning, then kind of laid back and as he more or less put it, let the others have a turn. That’s one way to put it. 🙂
  • It’s also funny to see myself looking stunned and mouthing “wow” after finding out I won. Even watching the game on TV, knowing what happened, that finish was still crazy. It was also crazy to have them calling me “champ” afterwards as they directed me back to the green room to change and get ready for the next game.

All in all, such a fun first game. And you’ll get to see me play again! Crazy, I tell you.

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  1. Penny Reid | June 27, 2017 at 10:19 am |

    That was one of the best games I have ever seen. Hardly any dead time, exciting daily doubles and a heckuvan ending. Congrats to Brandon.

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