This Week’s Contestants – July 10-14, 2017

Returning as champion on Jeopardy! this week is Susan Corica, and 10 more challengers (including a Canadian)arrived at the studio hoping to become Jeopardy! champion themselves!

You can see where all of Season 33’s contestants have hailed from (by state) on this map!

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Susan Corica
Waterbury, Connecticut
Susan Corica on Jeopardy!
Alyssa Mondelli
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Alyssa Mondelli on Jeopardy!
Rich Blashka
New York, New York
Rich Blashka on Jeopardy!
Scott Simpson
Reston, Virginia
Scott Simpson on Jeopardy!
Kelly Lasiter
Granite City, Illinois
Kelly Lasiter on Jeopardy!


Gavin Borchert
Seattle, Washington
Gavin Borchert on Jeopardy!
Sara-Jane Whitaker
Toronto, Ontario
Sara-Jane Whitaker on Jeopardy!
Terry Hanlon
Charlottesville, Virginia
Terry Hanlon on Jeopardy!
Jill Staunton
Springfield, Illinois
Jill Staunton on Jeopardy!
Larissa Dizon
San Diego, California
Larissa Dizon on Jeopardy!
Vicky Smith
South Portland, Maine
Vicky Smith on Jeopardy!

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