This Week’s Contestants – July 17-21, 2017

Returning as champion on Jeopardy! this week is 3-day champion Gavin Borchert, and 10 more challengers (including another Canadian!) arrived at the studio for the penultimate week of Season 33 hoping to become Jeopardy! champion themselves!

You can see where all of Season 33’s contestants have hailed from (by state) on this map!

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Gavin Borchert
Seattle, Washington
Gavin Borchert on Jeopardy!
Deborah Elliott
Cleveland, Ohio
Deborah Elliott on Jeopardy!
Graydon Mears
San Antonio, Texas
Graydon Mears on Jeopardy!
Darcy Shapiro
Princeton, New Jersey
Darcy Shapiro on Jeopardy!
Martin Chetlen
Los Angeles, California
Martin Chetlen on Jeopardy!


Nancy Bauer
Oak Park, Illinois
Nancy Bauer on Jeopardy!
Keith Fudge
Washington, D.C.
Keith Fudge on Jeopardy!
Justin Vossler
Homer, New York
Justin Vossler on Jeopardy!
Doug Groshart
San Luis Obispo, California
Doug Groshart on Jeopardy!
George Buri
Winnipeg, Manitoba
George Buri on Jeopardy!
Connie Rudd
Coweta, Oklahoma
Connie Rudd on Jeopardy!

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