This Week’s Contestants – October 9-13, 2017

9-time champion Austin Rogers returns as champion this week. 10 more challengers will be joining him! Will any of them be the ones to end the incredible run of Austin so far, or will Austin make it 14 wins by the end of the week?

Also, of less-represented states, North Dakota gets its first player since 2011 in Williston’s Sarah Favorite!

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Austin Rogers
New York, New York
Austin Rogers on Jeopardy!
Rich Coble
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rich Coble on Jeopardy!
Rain Dunaway
Louisville, Kentucky
Rain Dunaway on Jeopardy!
Chris Cardinal
Phoenix, Arizona
Chris Cardinal on Jeopardy!
Sarah Favorite
Williston, North Dakota
Sarah Favorite on Jeopardy!


Lisa Rhae Burgess
Surfside Beach, South Carolia
Lisa Rae Burgess on Jeopardy!
Brian Kato
Washington, DC
Brian Kato on Jeopardy!
Scarlett Sims
Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Scarlett Sims on Jeopardy!
Sean Chong
Silver Spring, Maryland
Sean Chong on Jeopardy!
Manny Abell
Lacey, Washington
Manny Abell on Jeopardy!
Michelle Kritselis
Rolling Meadows, Illinois
Michelle Kritselis on Jeopardy!

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