Today’s Final Jeopardy – November 24, 2017

Here’s today’s Final Jeopardy (in the category Novel Title Characters) for Friday, November 24, 2017 (Season 34, Episode 55):

One orphan arriving before him was given the surname Swubble; some arriving later were to be Unwin & Vilkins

(correct response beneath the contestants)

Today’s contestants:

Jennifer Chang, a journalist from Brooklyn, New York
Jennifer Chang on Jeopardy!
Marcus Gresham, a WRAP facilitator from Corydon, Indiana
Marcus Gresham on Jeopardy!
Jesse Parks, a performance manager from Houston, Texas (1-day total: $11,000)Jesse Parks on Jeopardy!


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Who is Oliver Twist?


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In Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, Mr. Bumble gave their orphan foundlings surnames in alphabetical order. Mr. Bumble proudly exclaimed:

The last was a S,–Swubble, I named him. This was a T,–Twist, I named him. The next one comes will be Unwin, and the next Vilkins. I have got names ready made to the end of the alphabet, and all the way through it again, when we come to Z.’

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Looking to find out who won Jeopardy! today? Tonight’s results are below!

Scores going into Final:
Marcus $14,600
Jesse $10,200
Jennifer $4,600

Tonight’s results:
Jennifer $4,600 + $4,600 = $9.200
Jesse $10,200 – $4,800 = $5,400 (Who is Tom Thumb)
Marcus $14,600 + $5,801 = $20,401 (1-day total: $20,401)

Marcus Gresham, tonight's Jeopardy! winner (for the November 24, 2017 episode.)

Scores after the Jeopardy! Round:
Marcus $8,600
Jesse $3,400
Jennifer -$600


Opening break taken after: 15 clues

Daily Double locations:
1) TEAM MASCOTS $600 (3rd pick)
Marcus 400 +1000 (Jesse 200 Jennifer 0)
2) THIS…WAS…SPARTA! $1200 (3rd pick)
Jennifer 200 -2000 (Marcus 8600 Jesse 3800)
3) “P” IN PHYSICS $800 (25th pick)
Jesse 6600 +2000 (Marcus 12600 Jennifer 3000)
Overall Daily Double Efficiency for this game: 30

Unplayed clues:
J! round: None!
DJ! Round: None!
Total $ Left On Board: $0

Game Stats:
Marcus $14,200 Coryat, 20 correct, 3 incorrect, 35.09% in first on buzzer
Jennifer $6,600 Coryat, 7 correct, 2 incorrect, 14.04% in first on buzzer
Jesse $9,000 Coryat, 18 correct, 3 incorrect, 35.09% in first on buzzer
Combined Coryat Score: $29,800
Lach Trash: $17,200 (on 14 Triple Stumpers)
Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less double-correct responses): $7,000

Jesse Parks, final stats:
34 correct, 9 incorrect
34.55% in first on buzzer (38/110)
1/3 on Daily Doubles (Net Earned: -$1,000)
1/2 in Final Jeopardy
Average Coryat: $9,900

Marcus Gresham, stats to date:
21 correct, 3 incorrect
35.09% in first on buzzer (20/57)
1/1 on Daily Doubles (Net Earned: $1,000)
1/1 in Final Jeopardy
Average Coryat: $14,200

Marcus Gresham, to win:
2 games: 49.76%
3: 24.77%
4: 12.32%
5: 6.13%
6: 3.05%
Avg. streak: 1.991 games.
(Note: This model has been adjusted to take pre-Final Jeopardy! score into account instead of Coryat Score.)

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12 Comments on "Today’s Final Jeopardy – November 24, 2017"

  1. Shouldn’t “wrap” in “wrap facilitator” be capitalized?

    • I guess? I’d never heard of it before. Could you explain what it is?

      • Marcus Gresham | November 26, 2017 at 10:42 pm |

        It’s similar to a case manager. I work with children who are either in a residential facility and preparing for discharge to return home, or with ones who are home and at risk of being sent to a facility.

  2. I think WRAP has something to do with substance abuse and mental health issues and a facilitator is trained to help others by sharing his/her personal experiences.

    • Thank you! (I’m unfamiliar with the program, being Canadian and all.)

    • Marcus Gresham | November 26, 2017 at 10:45 pm |

      You’re on the right track. I work for a community mental health center and my clients are all children, although I tend to work more frequently with parents than the children, to try and make sure they have all the assistance around them they need to be successful in their communities. The personal experience portion you mention isn’t quite a part of it.

  3. Wellness Recovery Action Plan. It is a health care and mental wellness program.

    • It’s a program for children in the state of Indiana who do not qualify for other helpful programs that may benefit their mental health. The facilitator connects them to services that would benefit them and makes sure that the bill is taken care of.

      • Marcus Gresham | November 26, 2017 at 10:46 pm |

        You’ve heard of it….I didn’t happen to walk past you at the state systems of care conference or anything, did I? lol

  4. Marcus Gresham are wearing a Hawaii shirt on the show.

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