Jeopardy! Rules Leave Pokémon Writers Dumbfounded

It always happens.

Jeopardy! contestants screw up on something related to things that a segment of the population knows well (in this case, video game nerds) and the Internet reporting goes wild.

The problem this time: The video game writers who are upset that Jeopardy! contestants apparently don’t know anything about Pokémon, don’t seem to have the first idea about how Jeopardy! itself works. writes

“Shockingly, his two opponents felt confident in their very wrong submissions, with both forfeiting their sizable leads.” and “Why was Splat worth losing $6,000 over?”

Over on GameInformer, it’s not much better. They wrote:

“That’s a much closer guess than it could have been, but betting $6000 on that answer seems pretty unnecessary.”



You’ve taken the time to shame Jeopardy! players, yet haven’t taken the time to learn one of the most basic rules of the game.

For the uninitiated: Players lock in their wager in Final Jeopardy! after seeing the category but before seeing the clue.

Do you really, honestly, believe that Amanda would have actually risked $6,000 on “Splat” when giving that response after seeing that clue? Come on. It was clearly a “I have no idea, better write something down!” move.

If I was to write about Pokémon or Rocket League, at least I’d take the time to learn about your game first. That shame being dished out needs to be reflected right back on these video game writers, who couldn’t even be bothered to learn the rules of the game they’re critiquing.

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