#JeopardyLivePanel – Season 4, Episode 33

Andy Saunders of thejeopardyfan.com discusses the quarterfinals of the 2018 Jeopardy! Teachers Tournament with tournament competitors Lee DiGeorge and Ranjani Sheshadri!

Got a question for either of them? Leave them on the live chat or on the hashtag #JeopardyLivePanel on Twitter!

Live Video Link (Live at 9:45 PM Eastern, May 14, 2018):

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2 Comments on "#JeopardyLivePanel – Season 4, Episode 33"

  1. Hi, I’m Larry Martin. I confess that I’ve never heard Live Panel before, but I was fascinated when I stumbled onto it tonight, and saw my new friends and fellow Teachers Tournament players Lee and Ranjani. I loved it! I’m glad Lee didn’t encourage his student to break my legs. I absolutely agree with what both of them said about our camaraderie. We were just a group that seemed to click and feel comfortable with each other. I miss them!

    So, they seemed to be having so much fun on the Live Panel and, as Ranjani said, it seemed cathartic. It is very nice to tell people who are interested, but don’t know much about it, what it’s really like to be on Jeopardy! But the few times I’ve gotten to talk to people who do know more about it, like on your Panel, it’s a real thrill to be able to offer some more insights into the behind the scenes experience. So, is this a reasonable place to ask this? Would you be interested in interviewing me on Live Panel?

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