This Week’s Contestants – July 9-13, 2018

Four weeks left in Season 34 of Jeopardy!

Lauren Kiehna of the St. Louis-area village of Steeleville, Illinois returns as champion, and just as the past few weeks have been, 9 Americans and a Canadian are the challengers!

With another Canadian on the show again this week, it seems like a good idea to remind Canadian Jeopardy! fans that Jeopardy! streams online in Canada!

Are you curious about where this season’s contestants have been coming from? Matt Carberry has been tracking this information by media market this season!

In the most recent episode of #JeopardyLivePanel, I interviewed Ali Hasan! Check out the interview here (or on Apple Podcasts!)

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Lauren Kiehna
Steeleville, Illinois
Lauren Kiehna on Jeopardy!
Wes Hazard
Stoughton, Massachusetts
Wes Hazard on Jeopardy!
Ray Coshow
Sacramento, California
Ray Coshow


Becky Wilson
Aurora, Colorado
Becky Wilson on Jeopardy!
Doug Dworkin
New York, New York
Doug Dworkin on Jeopardy!
George Holcomb
Harrison, Arkansas
George Holcomb on Jeopardy!
Stel Plakas
Flushing, New York
Stel Plakas on Jeopardy!


Michelle Cabral
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Michelle Cabral on Jeopardy!
Johanna Schaufeld
The Bronx, New York
Johanna Schaufeld on Jeopardy!
Vincent Valenzuela
Wheaton, Illinois
Vincent Valenzuela on Jeopardy!
Bryan Rucker
Los Angeles, California
Bryan Rucker on Jeopardy!

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