This Week’s Contestants (Season 36, Week 13)

It is week number 13 of Season 36! Chicago’s Alex Damisch returns as champion having won $26,200; who will be returning champion at the end of the week?

Here you’ll find Matt Carberry’s analysis, updated weekly, of the media markets that this season’s Jeopardy! contestants represent!

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Alex Damisch
Chicago, Illinois
Alex Damisch on Jeopardy!
Joanna Leroy
Boston, Massachusetts
Joanna Leroy on Jeopardy!
Mohammed Ali
Bear, Delaware
Mohammed Ali on Jeopardy!


Stephanie Sumulong
Fort Collins, Colorado
Stephanie Sumulong on Jeopardy!
Theodore Conrad
San Francisco, California
Theodore Conrad on Jeopardy!
Davita Curtis
Salem, Oregon
Davita Curtis on Jeopardy!
Jennifer Quail
Dowagiac, Michigan
Jennifer Quail on Jeopardy!


Chris Blasone
Chicago, Illinois
Chris Blasone on Jeopardy!
Kelly Gerhold
Bakersfield, California
Kelly Gerhold on Jeopardy!
Randy Hassell Jr.
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Randy Hassell Jr. on Jeopardy!
Katie Kunamneni
Holmdel, New Jersey
Katie Kunamneni on Jeopardy!

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