“The Opposite Of Alex Trebek”: Dr. Oz Rejected By Fans And Contestants Alike

In the hours since Jeopardy! has released its next list of guest hosts, the show is being roundly criticized on all forms of social media for announcing Dr. Oz. as one of its four additional guest hosts today. Anderson Cooper, Savannah Guthrie, and Dr. Sanjay Gupta have also been announced.

On Twitter, the replies are overwhelmingly negative, with many fans referring to Oz as “a snake oil salesman”.

Five-time champion Kristin Sausville said, “Jeopardy! celebrates knowledge and facts and Dr. Oz has largely broken from that in his medical advice.” Nine-time champion Dan Pawson weighed in with “Not on board with Dr. Oz and STRONGLY call for this not to go forward. He stands for misinformation: exactly the opposite of what Jeopardy’s supposed to be. Please reconsider.” Season 35 champion Adam Francois Watkins’ remarks were simple: “Dr. Oz is the opposite of Alex Trebek”.

Here at The Jeopardy! Fan, I personally think that this is another in an increasingly lengthening line of missteps this season by new executive producer Mike Richards. Dr. Oz, in my opinion, lacks credibility amongst the show’s fanbase, and this very much risks tarnishing Alex Trebek’s legacy. That being said: Cooper, Guthrie, and Gupta are all excellent choices and I look forward to watching them host. It also does not help Sony’s case that The Dr. Oz Show is also a Sony property; the nepotistic undertones are also concerning. The only potential positive out of this is that this may have taken the heat off some of the other potential guest hosts; all of the negativity seems to be flowing through Dr. Oz right now. Fortunately as well, this looks to just be one week, and more guest hosts will be announced soon. Hopefully, the third crop will be better received.


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30 Comments on "“The Opposite Of Alex Trebek”: Dr. Oz Rejected By Fans And Contestants Alike"

  1. I just hope it was the execs who picked him, and Mike was extremely reluctant. I wonder how much input he has in the process, if any?

    That said, if Dr. Oz hosts for a week, that week’s ratings will go down, down, down.

  2. For all the reasons already mentioned on social media regarding Dr. Oz as a J! guest host, you can add my voice to the growing chorus of nay sayers.
    What on earth were they thinking???
    What a desecration to the memory of Alex Trebek! Out of respect for his memory, I would boycott any J! shows hosted by Dr. Oz!

  3. I feel like this guest hosting gimmick in general represents “the opposite of Alex.” We’ve heard the story of him talking about how the stars of the show are the contestants and not the host, yet it seems that after Mike Richards’ upcoming short stint, every week will be overpowered by the celebrity status of the host. If the show was going to move forward with interim hosts, it probably would have been better to stick to people already associated with the show, namely the Clue Crew, on-air producers like Ken, and former contestants with prior hosting experience such as Brad Rutter. In my household, Ken has proved himself to a standard we initially thought he couldn’t meet. Even if none of the celebrity guests are being seriously considered for the running, I will hold each one’s feet to the fire.

  4. We will sadly—- and with seething rage at Mike Richards—- leave behind 30 years of excited Jeopardy watching behind if/when that creep called ”Dr. Oz” appears!!

    • I doubt Richards had much, if at all, input in the process. At least, that’s what I hope. He did go with it, but was probably forced to.

  5. I believe many Jeopardy regulars will boycott the Dr. Oz show but my primary concern is will the “celebrities” make their appearances about themselves and not the show. I’m really close to not watching anymore just because of Richards. Bad decision maker in my book.

    • I’m certain Sony probably forced him to go with Oz. Still, bad decision regardless of whoever chose him.

  6. Ken Jennings is doing a great job. He has a light touch, but a great sense of humor (his comeback on the “smart” cat trying out was funny without a hint of meanness or superiority). We old people, especially the more conservative among us, are not going to watch Couric or Anderson, and Guthrie is better suited to morning television. The doctors are going to have a hard time with seeming anything other than self-important. Keep Jennings!

  7. I will refuse to watch any shows guest-hosted by Anderson Cooper. Am not a fan of his brand of journalism.


  8. P.S. Forgot to mention, my wife and I think Ken Jennings is doing a great job. You cannot replace Alex and Ken knows he just has to be himself. That’s all Alex would want.

  9. Shirlee Ann Miller | February 3, 2021 at 12:03 pm |

    How about Brooke Burns as a guest host? She has lots of experience and has a great personality. I don’t care for some of your choices.

  10. I won’t watch when Oz is on. Period. I will still follow this website during that time because I love the minutiae of the game play, the strategy etc., but I’ve now reserved 7:30 – 8:00 during the Oz week for alphabetizing our spice rack.

  11. Just wondering why this article is posted when we have been seeing this every day for a while now:

    “As I said in my recent editorial, if you’re going to express an opinion about one host or another, I ask that you make thoughtful, reasoned arguments. A lot of your opinions on one host over another are going to be a matter of personal taste. Please also remember that a permanent host will not be named until the start of Season 38.”

    The only thing I know about Dr. Oz is that he is the father to Daphne. I have never seen him. There are many others that are and will guest host that I find abhorrent in some of their actions. I liked how Alex conducted himself on the show, but I got a sense that he leaned to the left like most of Hollywood. That didn’t stop me from liking the show. If in fact twitter was abuzz against Dr. Oz then I would suspect he leans right since twitter is probably more than 90% left wing.

  12. Shirley Scanlon | February 3, 2021 at 3:12 pm |

    Please keep Ken Jennings as host. He made a smooth transition which is hard to do. My family has watched Jeopardy since Alex started. PLEASE LEAVE the show with Ken.

  13. None of these people are acceptable. They are going to kill Jeopardy’s ratings as its audience rejects them resoundingly. I’m glad its basketball season, as that’s what I’ll be watching when I otherwise would of watched Jeopardy.

  14. I suppose we will all muddle through the list of guest hosts. They seem to be younger and trendier. Hope they don’t ask any Kreepy Kooky Cardashians or “dr pheel” or judge judy. Others have suggested Brad Rutter and I think he should have a chance if he wants it.

  15. Like the article says, I also consider him a snake oil salesman and a “know it all”. We watch every evening. We will switch stations if he is the host.

  16. Let’s please remember folks, who the real stars of J! are, the contestants, something Alex himself had said more than a few times and we all should know. Also while I know nothing about Oz or his show, let’s also remember that he and all other guest hosts starting in March will be donating duplicate of contestants winnings to charity, which shouldn’t be a bad thing either. So again as Aaron Rodgers once said; ‘R-E-L-A-X’. Thanks again to Andy for the forum.

  17. As much as I like trivia and especially Jeopardy, if OZ is there I will not watch it. You can bet the host has a lot to with the popularity of a game show. Right now I watch it 5 days a week. Have for many many years. I think Ken is making a great host, and of course know stuffs, I’d like to see him in that spot, assuming he would take it.

  18. Ken Jennings has been doing a pretty good job as the guest host. Although no one can replace Alex, Ken keeps the game at a quicker pace (more cleared boards) and his hearing is better as expected than Alex’s. There are less repeated answers. He uses some humour such as the Lincoln’s ghost remark.

  19. As an avid viewer, I think Ken Jennings has been doing a great job…not an easy task stepping into Alex Trebek’s shoes. Personally, I do not like any of the celebrity hosts
    being considered. Whether they or others are chosen,the integrity of the show will be compromised, as contestants must remain the focus.
    I hope KJ would like to continue…if so, PLEASE KEEP HIM!!!

  20. It will be interesting to see how the viewership will change during Dr. Oz’s tenure as guest host. A lot of negativity with him hosting from Jeopardy fans. How many will not watch and how many viewers will watch who don’t normally? Some will probably watch to see if a train wreck occurs.

  21. Brad (not Rutter) | February 4, 2021 at 5:03 pm |

    If Jennings wants the job, he should get it. End of story.

  22. It is a major mistake to not give the job to Ken Jennings outright. He is best suited for the job. In fact, he has proven to be better than expected. At this point, Cooper, Couric, Gupta, and others should just be part of a celebrity jeopardy week as contestants. Ken is the best host they will ever find.

  23. Buzzy Cohen

  24. Jane O'Brien | February 4, 2021 at 11:49 pm |

    Ken Jennings has done a fantastic job hosting Jeopardy! Besides being extremely bright and professional, he’s a very sincere person and displays that sincerity perfectly on Jeopardy. I really enjoy watching him interact with the contestants. Alex and Ken were close friends. Like millions of Jeopardy fans, I miss Alex Trebek but Ken Jennings has brought the show back with genuine quality and appreciation. Keep him. He belongs there.

  25. Jay Williams | February 5, 2021 at 8:24 am |

    Dr. Oz is no fit for Jeopardy! and the show needs to consider Tom Bergeron or Elizabeth Banks for a guest host spot on the show before the season is out. Plus, they ought to give Brad Rutter a guest hosting spot for a few weeks during the month of May, when the show has their 2-week Tournament of Champions. Ken Jennings is currently doing a great job holding down the fort. I would not mind or be suprised if Dr. Oz was replaced by Levar Burton or either Tom Bergeron or Elizabeth Banks.

    • Bergeron’s said he wouldn’t consider hosting a game show again. We can dream, though.

      Rutter or Banks would be fine, though. Anyone is already better than Mehmet “Faux-Dr.” Oz.

  26. Ken Jennings is doing a great job, he surprised me. Ken should be the permanent host.

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