Today’s Final Jeopardy – Thursday, February 2, 2023

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Warning: This page contains spoilers for the February 2, 2023, game of Jeopardy! — please do not scroll down if you wish to avoid being spoiled. Please note that the game airs as early as noon Eastern in some U.S. television markets.

Here’s today’s Final Jeopardy (in the category Mythology) for Thursday, February 2, 2023 (Season 39, Game 104):

Poseidon carried off the maiden Theophane & turned her into a ewe; their offspring was the source of this mythical object

(correct response beneath the contestants)

Today’s Jeopardy! contestants:

Matthew Marcus, a software developer from Portland, Oregon
Matthew Marcus on Jeopardy!
Anita Perala, a product management consultant from Jersey City, New Jersey
Anita Perala on Jeopardy!
Patti Palmer, a bookseller & retired teacher from Tulsa, Oklahoma (1-day total: $32,200)
Patti Palmer on Jeopardy!

Andy’s Pregame Thoughts:

Patti Palmer may have struggled yesterday on the signaling device, successfully ringing in only 15 times on 42 attempts, but that didn’t matter—her strategy was on point, and a single get in Final Jeopardy! meant that she took down Jake DeArruda! If she can improve on her timing, I think that a lot of people would love to see Patti win a few games! If not, though, Anita Perala and Matthew Marcus would love to become champion themselves!

Also, tonight at 8:00 PM (7:00 PM Central) is the final of this season’s Celebrity Jeopardy! tournament on ABC! One of Ike Barinholtz, Wil Wheaton, or Patton Oswalt will win $1 million for their respective charity tonight!

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Correct response: What is the Golden Fleece?

You can find game-by-game stats here at The Jeopardy! Fan of all 15 players, including Matt Amodio, Jonathan Fisher, Amy Schneider, Mattea Roach, Ryan Long, and Cris Pannullo, that have won 10 or more games on Jeopardy!

More information about Final Jeopardy:

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The offspring ewe of Poseidon and Theophane is what’s known today as the Golden Ram, Chrysomallos; that Golden Ram is the source of the famed Golden Fleece that Jason and his Argonauts quested after.

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Game Recap:

Jeopardy! Round:

(Categories: Dwight Eisenhower; Art-Pourri; Seven Heaven; “B”+3; Toucan; Play That Game)

While it was Anita who found the first Daily Double, Matthew had the best round, picking up 13 correct and $6,600! Patti was in third place after 30.

Statistics at the first break (15 clues):

Matthew 7 correct 2 incorrect
Anita 5 correct 0 incorrect
Patti 1 correct 0 incorrect

Statistics after the Jeopardy round:

Matthew 13 correct 2 incorrect
Anita 7 correct 0 incorrect
Patti 6 correct 1 incorrect

Double Jeopardy! Round:

(Categories: Big River; The Book’s Supporting Characters; Nobel-Winning Scientists; Word & Phrase Origins; Pop Music; Getting Close To The End)

Patti’s strong Daily Double sense continued; she found the Daily Double immediately! However, the round belonged to Matthew; he had 18 correct responses in the round, and he picked up $8,000 on the game’s final Daily Double! Scores going into Final were Matthew at $32,200, Anita at $10,800, and Patti at $9,400.

Statistics after Double Jeopardy:

Matthew 31 correct 2 incorrect
Anita 13 correct 0 incorrect
Patti 10 correct 2 incorrect
Total number of unplayed clues this season: 14 (0 today).

Final Jeopardy! today was a triple get—Matthew Marcus is the new champion, with winnings over $40,000! He’ll go for win #2 tomorrow.

Tonight’s Game Stats:

Looking to find out who won Jeopardy! today? Here’s the Thursday, February 2, 2023 Jeopardy! by the numbers:

Scores going into Final:

Matthew $32,200
Anita $10,800
Patti $9,400

Tonight’s results:

Patti $9,400 + $9,000 = $18,400 (What is the golden fleece?)
Anita $10,800 + $8,001 = $18,801 (What is the golden fleece?)
Matthew $32,200 + $10,000 = $42,200 (What is the golden fleece) (1-day total: $42,200)

Matthew Marcus, today's Jeopardy! winner (for the February 2, 2023 game.)

Scores after the Jeopardy! Round:

Matthew $6,600
Anita $4,000
Patti $2,200


Opening break taken after: 15 clues

Daily Double locations:

1) ART-POURRI $800 (clue #9)
Anita 800 +1000 (Patti 400 Matthew 3000)
Patti 2200 +2000 (Anita 4000 Matthew 6600)
3) BIG RIVER $800 (clue #24, $6800 left on board)
Matthew 21400 +8000 (Patti 9800 Anita 10400)
Overall Daily Double Efficiency for this game: 228

Clue Selection by Row, Before Daily Doubles Found:

J! Round:
Patti 4 3
Anita 1 4*
Matthew 3 2 5 1 2

DJ! Round:
Patti 4* 5† 3† 5 2†
Anita 5 1 3 1† 2
Matthew 3 3 2 4 3 2 4 5 4 2 1 3 4 2*

† – selection in same category as Daily Double

Average Row of Clue Selection, Before Daily Doubles Found:

Matthew 2.89
Anita 2.43
Patti 3.71

Unplayed clues:

J! Round: None!
DJ! Round: None!
Total Left On Board: $0
Number of clues left unrevealed this season: 14 (0.13 per episode average), 0 Daily Doubles

Game Stats:

Matthew $25,000 Coryat, 31 correct, 2 incorrect, 56.14% in first on buzzer (32/57), 0/0 on rebound attempts (on 2 rebound opportunities)
Anita $10,600 Coryat, 13 correct, 0 incorrect, 19.30% in first on buzzer (11/57), 1/1 on rebound attempts (on 4 rebound opportunities)
Patti $9,000 Coryat, 10 correct, 2 incorrect, 19.30% in first on buzzer (11/57), 0/0 on rebound attempts (on 2 rebound opportunities)
Combined Coryat Score: $44,600
Lach Trash: $6,800 (on 6 Triple Stumpers)
Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less double-correct responses): $2,600

Patti Palmer, career statistics:

26 correct, 4 incorrect
2/2 on rebound attempts (on 7 rebound opportunities)
21.05% in first on buzzer (24/114)
2/2 on Daily Doubles (Net Earned: $8,000)
2/2 in Final Jeopardy
Average Coryat: $10,600

Anita Perala, career statistics:

14 correct, 0 incorrect
1/1 on rebound attempts (on 4 rebound opportunities)
19.30% in first on buzzer (11/57)
1/1 on Daily Doubles (Net Earned: $1,000)
1/1 in Final Jeopardy
Average Coryat: $10,600

Matthew Marcus, career statistics:

32 correct, 2 incorrect
0/0 on rebound attempts (on 2 rebound opportunities)
56.14% in first on buzzer (32/57)
1/1 on Daily Doubles (Net Earned: $8,000)
1/1 in Final Jeopardy
Average Coryat: $25,000

Matthew Marcus, to win:

2 games: 85.328%
3: 72.810%
4: 62.127%
5: 53.012%
6: 45.235%
Avg. streak: 6.816 games.

Today’s interviews:

Matthew performs Shakespeare plays over Zoom.
Anita has a dog who is friends with Patricia Clarkson.
Patti dyed her hair purple because her granddaughter Tegan’s favorite color is purple.

Andy’s Thoughts:

  • Today’s box score will be linked to when posted by the show.

Final Jeopardy! wagering suggestions:

(Scores: Matthew $32,200 Anita $10,800 Patti $9,400)

Patti: If Anita bets to cover and is incorrect, she falls to $2,799. Limit your bet to $6,599. (Actual bet: $9,000)

Anita: Standard cover bet over Patti is $8,001. (Actual bet: $8,001)

Matthew: Bet between $0 and $10,599 and enjoy your victory! (Actual bet: $10,000)

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19 Comments on "Today’s Final Jeopardy – Thursday, February 2, 2023"

  1. I went with Capricorn despite there being so many signs pointing to literally anything else. I heard Poseidon (God of the Sea) and ewe (a lamb) and went with a combo of the two which was Capricorn (although it’s a goat not a lamb). Also knowing that Capricorn was a FJ answer just a few weeks ago should’ve been my third hint. Alas, I’m stubborn and know nothing about mythology.

    • Michael Johnston | February 2, 2023 at 9:42 am |

      Aries would be a pretty close guess as the Golden Ram was turned into the constellation after his sacrifice.

      I hope Patti does well today and I’m looking forward to what should be a good final of Celebrity Jeopardy! tonight.

  2. admittedly, I only knew this because I’m a fan of Brooks Brothers (which is ‘about’ 200 years old).

  3. I’m happy I actually got this one in the 30 seconds … ewe > sheep > wool > … Jason & the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece

  4. Matthew must have felt pretty strong with mythology cause when you got a run a way, that’s real money you are wagering, and 10K is no small wager, especially when it’s your first game and you haven’t won anything yet. Kudos to him.

    • I had noticed that lots of contestants with runaways won’t bet very much (and a few bet $0) but assumed it was because either (or both) they felt very hesitant about the FJ category or they didn’t want to risk nerves messing up their math. Your idea of “that’s real money you are wagering, especially when it’s your first game and you haven’t won anything yet” makes a lot of sense. I imagine that it is different for different people (and even a combination for some people), but I agree with you as to kudos to Matthew for how he did it.

      • If I’m the contestant with the runaway I bank the money and don’t risk it. Money can be hard to come by. If the Final category is one I’m comfortable with, like REAL comfortable, I’ll wager something. During a game is something else, especially Daily Doubles. One has to be aggressive if one hopes to win.

        • Someone named James Holzhauer would scoff at the suggestion of conservative bets but then again James is a rare breed.

    • I believe Matthew was a Classics major (I know him casually) so this was right in his wheelhouse.

  5. The Golden fleece was something I learned back in middle school english class on mythooogy. Happy to see all 3 getting this final. Matt seems to be a good strong winner as he has broad knowledge. Kudos to him

  6. If asked 1,000 Mythology questions, I’d come up empty 999 times – except where the clue, like today, leads me in the right direction.

  7. While Jason and the Argonauts got the golden fleece first, it’s good to remember that in modern mythology Percy Jackson and the Olympians got it just a few years ago.

  8. Knowing VERY little of mythology, I thought maybe (half goat, half man) ‘Pan’. As Riley O. said, I had lots of clues against that . . . 1) yes, a female sheep is a ewe, but I’d forgotten that a female goat is a doe, 2) technically a living being is an object [something material that may be perceived by the senses] but the term object is rarely used about a living being , 3) even as I was saying ‘Pan’ within the 30 seconds, I was really trying to think of faun or satyr. I have HEARD OF Jason and his Argonauts and the golden fleece multiple times, but unfortunately never wondered what the golden fleece was.

  9. Robert Fawkes | February 2, 2023 at 6:10 pm |

    Saw the word “ewe” and immediately went to Golden Fleece. They’re really easy when you know it cold like that.:) Because it was an easy one for me, I presumed it would be a triple solve, which it was.

    As for betting strategy in FJ when you have a runaway, while I see the point that others made about betting conservatively because it is real money, there is another way of looking at it, too. For me, I see it as house money at that point. You’ve secured a win and have more than you started with so why not risk some of it for a bigger payday? “Go big or go home,” as they say. This is one of the things that I really liked about James H.

    I was very, very glad to see Patti get a win yesterday. Congratulations to Patti on yesterday’s win and to Matthew on today’s win. Matthew looks like a strong candidate for multiple wins.

  10. Yeah I had no idea and just guessed “Sheepsbane” even though I knew it was wrong, whoops.

    Matthew betting big on both the Daily Double and Final Jeopardy to maximize his winnings is ballsy and shows that he’s willing to swing for the fences; I expect he’ll qualify for the TOC. I also can’t say I blame Patti for her same-category selections in Double Jeopardy. It was a literature category, her specialty, so she wanted to maximize potential earnings for a second Daily Double and swing for it later. It’s risky, but if it pays off, she’s the one betting $8,000 to take the lead at the end of the game.

  11. Though Patti was an excellent champion, I enjoyed watching Matthew move swiftly to the top.

    • Thanks for pointing this out.
      I checked out his Twitter® account – his likes in particular since they can be so revealing – and… I am not sure what to think. It’s all quite random somehow. Even contradictory.

      Will I tune in tomorrow? Of course!

  12. William Vollmer | February 3, 2023 at 12:56 pm |

    Once I connected ewe (female lamb,) fleece (lamb’s wool) and, mythology I came up with “what was the golden fleece?” But, don’t beleive I put the pieces together before the playing of the final notes of “Think.” So, don’t think I should claim to be on a successful solve streak for Final Jeopardy.
    Haven’t seen it on “social media,” they seem to be fixated on James Holzhauer’s criticism of the recent champion who supposedly said that Jeopardy isn’t a major quizzing competition, nor, have I seen anything in the “mainstream” news media, but will the second “Jeopardy National College Championship” open in Celebrity Jeopardy’s ABC prime time spot. If so, have they announced which colleges (and, the students,) that will be a part of the JNCC?

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