Andy’s Weekly Thoughts: July 31–August 4, 2023

Week 1 of 6 of this summer’s encore presentations are complete! Of course, I still have editorial things to say based on things I’ve seen over the last week:

Reminder: The “Diehards” Are A Very Small Subset Of The Overall Fandom

The Jeopardy! subreddit has 93,200 subscribers. An even smaller number of them post their opinions regularly. Jeopardy!‘s overall viewership is in the millions—it’s one of the most-watched shows on American television. Thus, it feels important to mention that while the show’s most outspoken and diehard fans are extremely likely to have their opinions amplified, they may not reflect those of the show’s overall fanbase. Thus, I would definitely take any opinion about the show expressed on Reddit (or Twitter, or Facebook) with a grain of salt.

An Interview with Eddie Timanus!

A few weeks back in this column, I brought up the interview with Chuck Forrest on BuzzerBlog‘s Tell Us About Yourself podcast (in conjunction with the National Archives of Game Show History at the Strong Museum of Play). Well, there’s another Jeopardy! luminary on this week’s episode: the famed Eddie Timanus, who famously won 5 games in 1999 and became the first blind contestant to qualify for the Tournament of Champions, has a chat with host Christian Carrion. Give it a listen!

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What I’d Like To Happen Tomorrow

Tomorrow, it has been announced that Michael Davies will be on the Inside Jeopardy podcast to announce the show’s plans for Season 40. With audience tickets available for tapings beginning August 15, it definitely appears as though the show is planning on proceeding forward with tapings, I assume that this will be with regular-play tapings. It would be nice to hear assurances that all material used for the upcoming tapings was finalized before the WGA strike began on May 2; hearing that information would give the online vocal minority no moral reason to oppose Season 40 tapings. Even if it was clues that the show has used in the past, using game boards that were finalized before the writers went on strike isolates the show from any union issues.

Kudos to Tony Vinciquerra at Sony!

According to Matthew Belloni over at Puck, it appears as though any recent discussions between the AMPTP and the WGA have taken place at the insistence of Tony Vinciquerra, the head of Sony Pictures. Tony is the levelest head of any studio heads in this situation, and I also think he realizes the situation’s urgency. His top show can’t have a Tournament of Champions until the writers are back; thus, the news that Tony is spearheading the two groups getting back together is completely unsurprising. While this publication hasn’t always been positive towards the Sony Pictures CEO (especially in 2021 during the Mike Richards debacle), giving credit where credit is due is also important.

In Conclusion

Have a great week, everyone, and enjoy the encore presentation of Week 2 of last season’s Second Chance!

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